Mar. 2nd, 2014 06:44 pm
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74/111 are in.

All the orphaned fanfics. And I have a feeling that number is going to grow (but 111 is sort of fitting in this fandom... no less sad, but fitting).


Mar. 1st, 2014 01:48 pm
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The number of stories I found that I had not posted on my archive that were posted elsewhere while trying to track down something I wrote.

Still have not found the thing I wanted to find.

How do you people put up with me?

(33/35 are into Phoenix now. I feel like I need a fic manager XD)
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Just a little something that Esteliel, AeonDelirium and I are doing for fun. On the basis of being creative without really having any boundaries, rules, or firm deadlines.

They'll kick my butt on the creative front, with Esteliel being a better writer and AeonDelirium being a better artist, but I'm okay with that. ^_^ I think I'll win on the fluff factor.

I should go write something with elflings.

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Pick any passage of up to 500 words or less from any fanfic I’ve written, and stick that selection in a comment. I will then give you the equivalent of a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place.

And yes, btw, the last 'tell me to do this' where the suggestion was five times Gildor and Glorfindel almost kissed and one time they did? I'm working on it; it's more than three sentences; I didn't forget. XD

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Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.

I finished my 50K for nanowrimo last night, and while I still have more to write, I could use some time away from the Sarati & Feanor when I'm at the write-ins I'll still be at over the next ten days.


Nov. 9th, 2013 03:10 am
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I hit the 15k mark tonight.

I think realized, since I'm dual writing for big bang, I can't post excerpts this year.


But, I can hint that the content directly relates to the following story (which needed to be tweaked for that to work)


It's 3am and I'm wide awake. That cpap is crazy. Sleep is crazy.  I can't believe I'm operating better than 'normal' on four hours of sleep a night.  But then, it's actual sleep, not the eight to twelve hours of unsleep I used to get.

I think this is the first time I've hit the second weekend of nano and not been woefully behind.

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Was just reading [livejournal.com profile] lotrangel17 's post and thought, sheesh, fandoms, derp...

Yeah, I'm still hanging around lotr/lotro, but I have pretty much glomped all over The Authority /aka/ Stormwatch, especially Jenny Spark/Quantum, Apollo, and Midnighter.

Especially Midnighter.

Okay, that is all.
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Not sure why, but I had the urge to stop by here today.


It's been a while since I've updated.  Not sure quite how long, but I'd wager I've not done too much in the last two years.  So, here we go...

I've been having a lot of medical issues over the last two years.  The kind of issues that when you go in to the doctor's office, the nurse chats things up during a blood draw saying 'yeah, the clerical staff and I were talking about your situation -- this is like the worst thing ever!'.  -_- It's even worse when you can't figure out why.

After lots and lots of different sorts of tests - so much proking, prodding, etc - the following is known:

- I'm anemic (I'm taking huge iron supplement doses to try to help this; additionally, there are other vitamins I've not been absorbing - those I'm taking supplements for, too).

- I have some bad ass sleep apnea (Short course in sleep apnea... it's basically when you stop breathing when you sleep. 15-30 times an hour is moderate; 30+ is severe. My average is 88. 92 when I'm on my back.  This means about three times a minute when I sleep, I stop breathing, have to wake up, and then go back to sleep again.  It means a lot of things are messed up, especially REM sleep.  Which leads to...)

- When tested, it showed 0.0% REM sleep (My doctor is theorizing that I've rarely, if ever, managed to make it to REM sleep.  I seem to have compensated with 'dreaming light' by dreaming in the second stage of sleep... a very vivid, lucid, daydreamish thing)

That means that Wednesday night, when I got my cpap all set up, I got to experience 'real' sleep (REM sleep) for the first time.

It's kind of weird.  First, I never knew that people aren't supposed to be 'aware' that they're 'sleeping' (eg., I used to sleep, and then when I woke, I'd typically know how much time had passed).  Second, I didn't realize that REM dreams are 'different'.  I don't have the same control; it's more like watching a movie than being in an improv scene.

Also, I can wake up to alarm clocks now, and I was kind of freaked out Thursday morning when I woke up.  I've never really experienced what true 'awake' is.  Everything I ever experienced before can be thought of as more of an 'underwater' state.  Dreams and reality were much closer in how they felt; now, they're more distanced, if that makes any sense.

On the doggie front, Smudge is still around, and still a sweetie.  Mobility issues, yes, with the leg that had the surgery, but he's peppy and tail wagging and all that.  We keep him in our bedroom now; it's easier in case he rolls off his bed or something and has trouble getting back on --- though, he sleeps a lot more soundly at night being in the room with us.

This is NaNoWriMo #9 for me.  I think I have a plot.  We'll see... 


Apr. 8th, 2013 09:42 pm
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It's been a rough week and a half. Our dog, Smudge, had a seizure on March 29th. Usually, this is something he recovers from in a few hours; old dogs (he's 18) are prone to them. He had them more frequently in the past in other households (Smudge is a family dog in the truest sense of the word. He was born in my parents' house, and has lived with them, then with my brother, back with them, back to the brother, and then with Mark and I so that he could have a non-steps doggie retirement home.)

Besides the steps, he hadn't had issues here until a seizure six months ago, then another around Christmas. Vet wasn't worried, since they were much less frequent.


Recovery from the last one had been slow going, and just as he was back on his feet, we had a complication -- a small sore (which we thought was a bed sore, but now is looking not to be -- so at least after today's regular vet visit I am relieved that it wasn't our fault so to speak -- we were quite diligent about turning/moving him while he was recovering -- I've been sleeping next to him in the living room during recovery in fact -- it's like, camping, but without the bugs or weird noises or septic tanks). Anyhow, a small sore on Thursday suddenly became a large wound.. well, about two inch by three inch oval area. We'll probably not know exactly what happened -- he was literally alone for three minutes when we came back into the room to find it like that (and incidentally, him getting up to trot around like there was not a hole in his flank)

ER Vet made it seem very dire, but after chatting with us for a while, treated it as an open wound since we had every intention of seeing our regular vet (which, huge advantage of large metro area -- means lots of vets and being able to find a really, really great one, and we have the best vets). I now know how to change the dressing of what is apparently a somewhat unusual type of wound dressing, so my on-the-spot training went well in that respect.

We have ruled out cancer with some scans today; tomorrow morning we are having blood work done to make sure everything else is working okay. If so, we're going to have the vet attempt the surgery, knowing that there is a risk on the anesthesia -- but also knowing that the alternative -- twice a day changing of bandages as we have been doing -- is super slow, and super susceptible to infection. There is also a possibility that the muscle in his leg has more or less died. If that's the case, the solution would be either amputation, which has lots more risks, or simply having him not wake from the surgery (which is what we've pretty much decided if that's the case -- at 18, prone to seizures, minus a leg, we'd be keeping him alive more for us than for him at that point).

Either way, it's going to be a long night and a long day tomorrow. I'm lucky I have a super awesome boss who is totally understanding of all of this and taking care of staffing things so that I don't have to come in and be weepy tomorrow as I watch the clock and wait at the phone (I'll let Mark deal with that from me instead).

{Edit: Out of curiosity, and since I'm just surfing and such until Smudge's next pre-op med in an hour, I went looking for 'how old is my dog' stuff.  None of them go up that high for him -- suffice to say, he's more than 120 in people years, per the information that was available.}

{Edit II: Should also note that by Thursday he was on his feet again from the seizure and he's made several 'I'm getting up' attempts which we have voided by using the popular 'stay' and 'down' commands, to which he gives us the Elrond eyebrow by does as commanded.. the fact that he was tail-wagging and trying to get up while at the vet were also reasons the regular vet presented surgery as an option... there's a big difference between a dog that has stopped fighting and one who hasn't.}
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Another Big Bang, another year where I was an artist instead of an author.

If you like the Silm and want to read an AU slash fic that follows such characters as Maedhros, Glorfindel, Gil-Galad, Erestor, Oropher, Thranduil, Elrond, and others, then wander over to the links below.

Prologue: http://oeam.livejournal.com/261395.html

Chapter One: http://oeam.livejournal.com/261807.html

Chapter Two: http://oeam.livejournal.com/261912.html

Chapter Three: http://oeam.livejournal.com/262274.html

Chapter Four: http://oeam.livejournal.com/262494.html

Chapter Five: http://oeam.livejournal.com/262680.html

Chapter Six: http://oeam.livejournal.com/262949.html

Chapter Seven: http://oeam.livejournal.com/263227.html

Chapter Eight: http://oeam.livejournal.com/263677.html

Chapter Nine-A: http://oeam.livejournal.com/263725.html

Chapter Nine-B: http://oeam.livejournal.com/263941.html

I picked up watercolors in November, but these were my first attempts that weren't animals (mostly pandas or birds) or landscapes (mostly sunsets) [except for the balrog that we don't speak of]. I had a lot of fun picking out passages to illustrate (though even I didn't get the whole story :O so there are some pieces I don't know yet...). Good job, Samtyr, looking forward to reading the finished story! And thanks to Alex for running this event!


Feb. 28th, 2013 10:17 pm
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Fun event. Started today. Plug below:


They do awesome work every year, and this year, there's a reading week for people who participate as readers, which I thought was a great idea!

As for me, I've somehow always managed to skip every other year on participating.

And, many know how much I loved the bingo last year.

So, three of my dearest friends and I are going to be embarking on our own mini B2MEM bingo game throughout the month.

The prompts already have bunnies bouncing around... while I probably won't be posting everything here, I'll likely post some of the things here and either at my place or at Faerie.


Current writing soundtrack: all of the Patrick Wolf stuff I can get my grabby hands on
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Tried to sleep, and it is being elusive tonight. Wandered the internet, through places both foreign and familiar until I stumbled into something delightful, by happy accident.

A bedtime story, if you will, something read long years ago, and it produced a flit of a thought as I closed the window, and one which buzzed about until I got back on and came here just to put it somewhere safe, lest I forget by morning's light.

There was something special about the niche of the fandom where Glorfindel and Erestor played... something always felt different there for me, like the 'usual' authors of that pairing had a perpetual snugglepile going on where ideas were batted around like well-loved kitty jingleballs and cats and kittens were altogether not uncommon companions to either or both. There was that magical time where stories about them were woven together with such creativity, that on more than one occasion the same plot was tackled by multiple authors in ways different enough so that it all had to be explained, that those were branches of the same tree.

I miss that. Clearly, I am one of those at fault for wandering myself. And while, I suspect, Thranduil/Moose is sure to be the next big thing in Elvendom (Thranduil/Elk? Thranduil/Reindeer? I know, I know, I'm ruining the moment...), that was not what I typed into google an hour ago. It was 'Glorfindel and Erestor and cute'. I know, I'm a sucker for the sappy fluff. Regret nothing, except that there isn't more of it. We need, like, a challengey thing to make more of it. Possibly with ponies. Or cookies. Or both. Or cookies decorated to look like ponies. But not ponies decorated to look like cookies.

I'm like a Noldo though. I start something, there's only a 12% chance it gets done without a fail whale named Annatar dropping onto someone's head, and sometimes that results in the loss of a hand. Or some ships. Or fighting in the War of Telerin Aggression (that one's for you, Lalaith). I need to sell this idea (not literally, it's free, just take it) to someone... so that more cute Glorfindel and Erestor things populate the internets.

That's all, because I think I sort of got the basic idea out there, and I need to be awake in four hours.

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B2MeM 2012 Participant

B1 through B15 )

I16 through I30 )

N31 through N45 )

G46 through G60 )

O61 through O75 )

Want to adopt the above to use at your own journal for easy reference?
Go here to copy and paste the code below & plug in your stories as you play!

Head here for the master bingo board I've been working off of.
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I have been lightly predicting/suggesting that since there were three awards going on at one time, a third awards could be supported by this fandom.

I've also mentioned to a few people (usually been blown off about it, sort of 'in the heat of the moment') that this third one would certainly benefit from being more G to PG13 in nature.

So, besides the TOMEs and Cookies, this did not surprise me at all:


Looks like it should be nice and simple, and a good way to promote a nice archive as well.
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Good news: I wrote more Unforgettable.

Bad news: Someone died.

Specifically, a character not intended to.

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Unforgettable. Because, I don't usually read what I write.

But it seems to be popular. Or something. And unfinished.

But I forgot most of it.. so, I figured maybe this was easier than asking someone to give me a synopsis...

*lopsided grin*

hey, so, it's in Gondolin, right... *ducks rolled up newspaper*

That is all.
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If the current lead team for the MEFAs is truly not doing it after this year, what's stopping someone from picking it up next year? I know, I know, it's all very raw right now, but y'know, if you're going to orphan something and walk away, I think that the whole 'and no one can adopt it' is... well, a little arrogant. That's like saying no one in the future could possibly organize it. I don't think that's true. I get that the lead team is upset right now. And I can understand that. But I also think if you really love something, but are really done with it, then you pass it along to someone else instead of burying it. Just like Ainaechoiriel did.

I don't think it's enough to tell people they should start something like it. Looking at the history of this group, it was Ainaechoiriel who first began them. And I'm going to repost something that she posted just before handing over the reins -- something to think about, for everyone involved to think about, since everyone is moving at a pace that I think is much too fast for Middle-earth: remember, we only have horses!

From post #6725 (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MEFAwards/message/6725)
January 13, 2006

I know it can hurt sometimes to see something you like change. I pick my battles. See the non-negotiables list. RL has caused me to back off far sooner than I had ever planned. I
knew someday I'd get married and adopt children. I didn't think of that when I started the MEFA's though. I'd been single so long.... And voila, Mr. Time-stealer comes along....

No, really, it's a good thing for me that he's come along. As much as love fandom and fanfiction, sometimes RL comes first. Most times. I'm starting a marriage and a family. That will take priority over the MEFAs. I'll try to make time, at least here and their, and Marta has promised to keep me aprised of important events.

But now I'm rambling. Sometimes the proposed changes hurt. Sometimes they're a bit scary. I know I don't want to poke my nose back in here in 5 years and not recognize the place. But I also have some amount of faith that because this worked in 2004, the LOTR fandom found out that such an awards program based on feedback can work and be pleasant and produce positive feelings, there will be enough people who value it around to keep it from being destroyed.

MEFA Admin and Founder
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Erestor: I like all of the categories so far...

Glorfindel: What's this thing with my name and a balrog... what does that mean...

Zhie: That means I should have considered rule two a little longer before going with puppies.

Erestor: I need to find my cowboy hat.

Glorfindel: I.. need to shower...

Zhie: I need to find a few more volunteers.


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