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fic that won't make sense without reading the first part under cut

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Title: Nuts to You (And Your Old Man, Too!)
(thanks to Mark for the title!)
Summary: Squirrels are evil. A lesson Erestor learns from his son.
Characters: Orophin, Rumil, Elrond, Erestor, Haldir, Evil Squirrel (and Gladders kinda sneaks in)
Written for JFA December Writing Exercise

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Last call

Oct. 12th, 2009 03:42 am
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Okay. I'm going to go to bed, once I listen to Pokerface just one more time.

Once more, that's it.

But maybe I'll listen to Lovegame twice...

I think this is the first female musician I've used as an elf-muse. That's gotta be the reason I'm so into this whole thing.

Or, it's just Nano in general.

Oh! It just went to Paparazzi!

*groovin' to music*

Mark said something that soooo affected my nano planning... totally threw me off the expected track... in a good, no, great way... I am determined to catch up with everything I need to catch up with tomorrow and Tuesday so that by Wednesday I can go take over a chair at Moondance and get this muse to talk to me.

She... she doesn't talk to me, though, really, at least, not yet. She keeps talking to the other muses and then they tell me what's going on... which has added two muses (2nd agers) not usually about.

This nano is totally bunniverse. Undoubtedly. Must not get too excited... can't really start writing until November... *sits on hands, which is hard while groovin to music....*

I really need to go be a grown-up and go sleep.

But... this music is just too catchy...

Wait... it's Monday tomorr...um, today... Monday is billing... oh! I can so put this on in my office in the morning...

And...draw the curtains...so no one sees me bopping around, singing into the back of a pen like a pretend microphone

If I rewind the song before it ends, that still counts as just one time listening to it, right?

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