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I used to read everything at Elf on a Shelf. I think, partly, there was this feeling of kinship... the site was established either a week before or after my Lothlorien site was (and that's pretty good that I recall that, considering I couldn't remember what year of Screw Yule we're in now). Anyhow, that meant also reading Vanilla Elf, and Ex Libris, and looking at all of SayAye's stuff, etc...

And due to all of that, while other people were collecting up purple bunnies (or real bunnies) or just naming things Nibbles and Mitzi, for me that time in the fandom meant going out, finding a fake crow, naming it Glorfunkle, and sticking it into the back of my car (which later was given the vanity plate GLRFNDL, and six months later took the beating of the car accident I was able to walk away from).

Glorfunkle has basically been retired to a box in the basement... there are certain things that I attach to that vehicle, and he was one of them, because I bought the crow very soon after we got that car, so it's been in there pretty much the whole time, and it's probably going to be a while before I can take it out of the box without having some flashbacks (as it is I had an accident nightmare last night... I also had a Fall of Gondolin... something... where they were doing a practice evacuation, but Ecthelion was cleaning out a candy store (read: looting) while Glorfindel followed him about letting him know he had already foreseen the fall and it was bad and practice drills wouldn't help at all).

Anyhow... I'm sitting here, working on some fics, wrapped up in a fuzzy blue (and purple) cloak. Some of you are jealous right now, I know. It's one of the must-haves on every Glorfindel-and-Erestor loving fan's list, somewhere between the peacock feather quills (check) and the ornate corset that would make any Nodnyth proud (working on that, the one I have for my dark fairy costume just doesn't seem right to count as part of the collection), there's the fuzzy blue cloak. Jake is awesome... and, that's two years in a row of getting really awesome handmade fanfictiony presents from him for Christmas. ^_^

Goes very well with the warm & cozy purple socks that were handmade by MJ -- for those not aware, I have some very long and wide feets. The kind that don't conform to one-size-fits-all and certainly never to one-size-fits-most.

Oh -- and for the fanfiction purists out there -- yes, it has a hood.
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They're on their way out to Toys'r'Us.

To pick up a toy for Mark and I for Christmas.

At midnight.

Anti-climactic, I know.

Dad once leaped over a display or something in order to score Glow Worms for my brother and I.

Hoping that he doesn't, y'know, take out a sales clerk or something in order to procure the item in question.

I kinda feel like I'm twelve again.

That's all... time to sleep a little before getting up early, going out before dawn, and shopping til the sun comes up! As ex-retail clerks, Mark and I LOVE being able to participate in Black Friday on our own terms. Then breakfast, a nap, and our last regional nano write-in of the year!

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