Jan. 21st, 2010 08:03 am
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An hour or so ago I was having the most adorable Erestor and Glorfindel dream with them in this medieval castle and dammit why did the alarm actually have to wake me up this morning?

*cries, pouts, is generally annoyed*

must... find place... to nap...

get back here, dream, we're not finished yet!
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First, I had a whole dream based around the idea that I was trying to solve a 100-year-old murder.

Then, from there, I went to a scene sometime around the 1850s I would guess. It was all about...

Abraham Lincoln trying to convince Bill Cosby to get onto his aer-o-plane

So that, y'know, they could solve that pesky slavery problem.

Bill Cosby was so totally not having anything to do with the aer-o-plane

Until Mr. Lincoln told him that his luggage was already aboard, and unless he wanted to be stranded in the New Mexico desert, he needed to board the plane

Mr. Cosby laughed, slapped Mr. Lincoln on the back, and got on the plane

Once they were on the plane, Mr. Lincoln made some guy with a long mustache give up his seat to Mr. Cosby, so Mr. Mustache ended up having to sit on the floor of the plane for the duration.

I don't think I'm even going to try to decipher that one...
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I sailed away to China, in a little rowboat to find ya… okay, not really-

Crazy Dream Ahead )

Man, those tacos were good, though. At least I’ll have that to look forward to.

And now… after some mind clearing music… I shall attempt some writing…


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