Feb. 19th, 2010 04:42 pm
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I finally found Erestor. (This relates to many posts of me wavering back and forth about a suitable candidate to be used for a piece of art that Mark is going to draw for me, but that I needed to decide on reference photo for.)

I'd been looking, as I often do, through long-haired band members to find him. It's where I found just about everyone else... Lindir, Glorfindel, the twins, Cirdan, Morgoth, hell, even Melpomaen.

But wouldn't you know it, I went searching for Fingon, and got a two-fer.

Who knew? I should have been watching more figure skating.

I don't think I cheered on two people whom I'd only known about for 48 hours more than I did last night.

Then, in the late night interviewing, if I had any doubts, they tossed in a word that basically set it in stone right there.

So... I'll be on elf chat this evening, but don't mind me if I take a while to respond, I'll be surfing the net for pictures of Evan Lysacek... I mean, Erestor...
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I mean, I can haz this guy cast as Fingon?

(I will warn everyone now, I've spent the last three days contemplating Shaun White as Maedhros...)
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So, when you log in and play two-player against each other, the first person is named what they logged in as.

And the second player is logged in as Maedhros.

Giggling ensued. Then, we found out, one of us had to be the ugly bad guys. Boo.

So, I let Mark be the good guys, which meant his 'hero' character was Elrond, while mine was the Mouth of Sauron.

We played the Rivendell scenario. About half-way through killing elves (which, yeah, there's probably bad karma that comes from that, even on a video game), I realized I was attacking a blond warrior elf while in the library.

Incidentally, blond warrior Rivendell elf (no name given) kicked the Mouth of Sauron's ass. Totally handed it to him.

Also? Library was SO trashed.


I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that the muses aren't interested in talking to me at the moment...
zhie: (Glorfindel Golden Flower) much the Bonanza boys are like the way I've been writing the Lorien brothers.

The look Adam just gave to his brothers was very Haldir-ish... or is it the look Haldir gives is very Adam-ish?

Well, either way...


Man, what a concert! The opener was Ryan Shaw, who was excellent. Had never heard him before, but he's going to be at Summerfest and I think we're there that day for the Rush concert, so we'll have someone else to go see. ^_^

So, intermission between the opener and Van Halen, they had little mini remote controlled airships with the band logo that flew around the audience. That was fun; they were shooting laser lights at each other. Was great.

Then, when the band came out -- very awesome. Dave was as energetic as ever, does not look as old as my dad ('cause, he is) and was bopping around and you could tell, totally loving being back with the Van Halen clan. Eddie's playing was great, and he was even jumping around and stuff (Eddie had hip replacement surgery a few years back, hence the amazingness of that). Wolfgang... I was a little iffy on this kid playing bass at first, but he rocked. And Alex, damn... awesome drumming. Especially his intermission playtime when they just turned him loose to solo. Friggin' amazing.

It was an awesome, awesome concert with Jump as the encore song (what else would it have been?) with David Lee waving around this huge ass red flag, a disco ball up right above where we were (we were six rows back in section six... so where does that put us... well, about twenty five to thirty rows back from the main stage, but when David Lee came out on the catwalk area, about twelve-fifteen rows back from him. Not close enough to be sweated on, but close enough to see facial expressions), and at the very end, lots and lots of white, black, and blue confetti. Yes, I took some Van Halen Confetti with me, heh heh. Their part of the show was over two hours, entire thing from very start to finish was over three hours.

The timing was impecable with the lasers, lights, and special effects. There was a little trouble with microphone feedback for both singers. David Lee made some motions to the sound booth at one point, but I'm not sure if they couldn't fix it or didn't know how. Either way, it was minimal, but when it did happen it sucked.

There was one really funny moment when David Lee forgot the words to Cradle Will Rock. Instead of stopping or mumbling through it like the amateurs on American Idol do, he skillfully sang through it with 'and I forgot the fuckin' words'. That's the way you do it when you fuck up, lol! Brilliant, heh. And, he played guitar on ice cream man. That was great. The whole thing was great.

We picked up a couple tshirts and a tote bag, which I will shamelessly be showing off in order to get people to ask me how the concert was. It was a great night; I got out of work early and we went to Major Goolsby's for dinner, which I've heard people rave about but never gone to before. Then we went to Denny's after the concert and talked music. That was fun. Mark got me to create my 'dream band', although, I may make modifications later. Also, wrote out a comparison between The Doors and Van Halen to decide who my #2 all time band was... results of that next post because I'm hungry and want to get to breakfast, and am too lazy to type it all up right now.

I will share the thus-far dream band line-up, though. At the end of it, I was informed I could have included dead musicians, so I'll have to redo this later, but as it currently stands...

On guitar & some back-up vocals... Prince
On bass... Gene Simmons
On keyboards... Ray Manzarec
On drums... Rick Allen
On back-up percussion... Alex Van Halen
Back-up vocals... Andy Bell & David Lee Roth

So... who's headlining if those two aren't?

None other than the fabulous Dee Snyder!

My band would be teh awesomez... heh heh

Oh, heh heh, Adam's giving the Haldir look again, and Pa is sounding a LOT like Celeborn, hee hee hee... ah, I never knew I was channeling my old tv watching days this way... :D

Alright, that's all for now!

Until next time, I remain,

Zhie, still a grinning fool from last night

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