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May I present... the official 'Proud to be a Zee' icon...

If you are scratching your head in wonder... best to just move along...

If you're snickering and snorting, then please, feel free to swipe your own...

That is all.

Oh, and Zee- er, I guess, any of you Zees out there *snorts*... if you want different colors... let me know...

-erm... y'know... this has got me confused as to who I am anymore... lol
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Lord of the Rings Fandom nothing but Zee

-Somewhere, United States- In other news today, it was discovered that there is actually only one person in the Lord of the Rings fandom, that person being Zee AKA Zeedrippyvessel. Zee has been known to go by many, many aliases – in fact, anyone claiming to be anyone is most likely just Zee.

Said one eyewitness, “Actually, it appears there are more than likely two people in the fandom, those two people being one Kate-Dawn-Casey-Pauline-Donna-other names as needed and one Zee-Shirl-practically everyone else. It does make one wonder exactly how only two people are able to more or less run the entirety of, well, everything in the fandom and still have time to sleep, let alone do anything else. In fact, it would be, quite literally, impossible. However, until further evidence is provided, it does indeed appear that there are only two members of the fandom.”

The companion of our eyewitness had nothing to add on the dispute at hand, but was able to tell us that he likes cheesecake and that our eyewitness has taken regular visits to see Zee, one of the only two alleged members of the fandom, before being escorted away from our diligent team of reporters, all of whom claim to be Lord of the Rings fans, which begs one to ask the question, which of them are Zee and which of them are not?

Now... tell me... how fucking stupid does that sound? Cause, that’s the direction things are going...
You'd think, by now... they'd give up... have something better to do... but apparently not...

In the TC days, oy, I recount all the asses that were dealt with over there... Whiddaw, that rabbi who was really on our asses for the porn (ohnonottheporn!pornistheworkofsatan!ohno!), and so many many others...
Funny... I look around... the jackasses are gone... same fandom... same faces (mostly)... hmmm...

History, it replays so often... I've seen it happen before...
Even in Tolkien's works... tonight I reflected on the story of Elu Thingol... such an ass... the way he treated others... the Noldor, the Dwarves... he really got his, didn't he? Huh. He sure did. Denethor... there's another prize. That guy pretty much dug his own hole, though. His continuously nosing into everyone else's business via the palantir caused him to pretty go mad. That had to suck. Had to suck ass... Well. There's some thoughts for the night. Have some tea and feel free to discuss.

-Zhie, groovin’ to Erasure and looking at nekkid pictures of Erestor… delicious…

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