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General readers, feel free to skip; this is kinda like a reposting of sorts of some bits and pieces of the whole Glorfindel vs Balrog, as I've written in. This is really some bits of things for a friend of Lissea's.

First to explain; the Glorfindel vs Balrog thing, for me, is one of those scenes that's extremely heroic and extremely horrific, and very bittersweet. It's also one of two major canon Tolkien scenes that I've had dreams/nightmares of (the other being Maedhros losing his hand: http://zhie.livejournal.com/316405.html). (I've had a number of dreams with the characters, but these are the two that have precisely followed canon.)

I can't seem to find the post from the Glorfindel one, but basically, I'm pretty sure I was sick that time, too. (I have the strangest dreams while sick.) Essentially, I kept dreaming the same sequence over and over: fighting the balrog, taking it down, making the mistake of turning, and being pulled off the cliff. And then falling. And I'd wake up just before hitting the bottom. The majority of my dreams are viewed as if from someone else's perspective, so while having the glorious golden hair and really cool sword and armor were awesome, the repeated falling, not so much. The dream repeated between seven and nine times before I finally just decided to get up.

The thing about my dreams is, they're so vivid. I have the type of dreams where a) I often think I'm really doing whatever it is and b) think I'm actually whoever I'm seeing the dream through. This is both awesome, and also, TOTALLY UNCOOL when a balrog is trying to kill you over and over again! But, enlightening.

The following is a smattering of things that have been partially inspired by the bits Tolkien describes, and partly from that very terrifying interesting night of dreaming.


From 'Unforgivable'
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The scene from Unforgivable is a follow-up to a scene from 'Recovery', which was written a long, long time ago. I probably need to edit that story a bit, but this gives a different yet similar perspective, of Erestor recalling the event some six thousand years later.
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Now, I obviously can't have just Erestor's view of things, so Glorfindel had to weigh in on the event...

From 'Whispers', drabble entitled 'Fall'
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To offer a balance for the angst of the balrog fight, I designed a coping mechanism for Glorfindel: Humor. The following scene from 'Little Balrog' is supposed to give the reader the idea that Glorfindel has written some highly fictitious accounts of what Balrogs are and are not sometime in the late Second Age. This idea actually came from my brother, who was in the Army and served in the Middle East. While there, he and his company had a large notebook they passed around and wrote in called 'the book'; it was total fiction accounts of the lives of those in the company. I borrowed the idea here.

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I sneak other lines here and there into things, but those above are the largest chunks. Because they're all tied together, it's hard to have just one piece without seeing the rest, or at least, the largest pieces of that puzzle.

Also including this little drabble, not about the balrog, but about Glorfindel as the warrior. Because I think it gives a better image of what the balrog would have seen, or something like that.

From 'Whispers', drabble entitled 'Sun'
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Last call

Oct. 12th, 2009 03:42 am
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Okay. I'm going to go to bed, once I listen to Pokerface just one more time.

Once more, that's it.

But maybe I'll listen to Lovegame twice...

I think this is the first female musician I've used as an elf-muse. That's gotta be the reason I'm so into this whole thing.

Or, it's just Nano in general.

Oh! It just went to Paparazzi!

*groovin' to music*

Mark said something that soooo affected my nano planning... totally threw me off the expected track... in a good, no, great way... I am determined to catch up with everything I need to catch up with tomorrow and Tuesday so that by Wednesday I can go take over a chair at Moondance and get this muse to talk to me.

She... she doesn't talk to me, though, really, at least, not yet. She keeps talking to the other muses and then they tell me what's going on... which has added two muses (2nd agers) not usually about.

This nano is totally bunniverse. Undoubtedly. Must not get too excited... can't really start writing until November... *sits on hands, which is hard while groovin to music....*

I really need to go be a grown-up and go sleep.

But... this music is just too catchy...

Wait... it's Monday tomorr...um, today... Monday is billing... oh! I can so put this on in my office in the morning...

And...draw the curtains...so no one sees me bopping around, singing into the back of a pen like a pretend microphone

If I rewind the song before it ends, that still counts as just one time listening to it, right?


Oct. 6th, 2009 09:32 am
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November approacheth. The basic idea for this year: Fanfiction, Elves, Second Age

I wanted to find a prompt table to use, but I'm not sure how many prompts I'm going to need, and they tend to end up having 'modern' words (car, telephone, etc) that make it more difficult.

So, gonna make my own. Hopefully with some help.

Here's what the random word generator came up with before I got bored with it...

Fate -- Unity -- Control -- Desperate -- Damnation -- Corridor -- Popularity

Soldier -- Cajole -- Warning -- Angel -- Acarina -- Nonconsenting

Antecedence -- Tenderhearted -- Abience -- Plafond -- Angst (must have seen my outline)

Waterfall -- Cageling -- Annuitant -- Stain -- Servant -- Refreshed

Shattering -- Insolvent -- Asseveration -- Bedchamber -- Velveteen

I think I'm going to need about 15 to 20 words... probably more around 20...

So, the question is, is there a word you think is so awesome that it should really be a prompt for a really long second age story? Is there a word on this random list that you think is so awesome that is needs to be included, or one so lame you think it needs to be gotten rid of?

Anticipated characters in this year's nano.... Gil-Galad, Celebrimbor, Elrond, Erestor, Gildor, Cirdan, Galdor, some OCs that people reading Unforgettable will know (possibly Gladders... I'm on the fence on this, because it's possible I could do a guys-only story with what I've got in mind, but, Gladders really like to be written about)

Oh, and the title for this year... I do believe I'm going to try for Sono Luminus again... but this time, the title should actually end up fitting what I have planned a lot better than just 'hey, i like this title, let me try to mesh an obviously unsuitable story to it'
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Took a break from packing and classes yesterday and went to Jake's house for dinner and a dungeon. ^_^ We did a little Caves of the Unknown adventuring (me with my somewhat prissy cartographer elf), ate some spaghetti which Jake made awesomely, went back to adventuring. Cleared the cave and saved the gnomes! Yay us! (even if my character refused to swim to the spot to actually aid the gnomes due to not wanting to ruin her suede garments... hmm, I'm starting to see how she's lacking with the experience points...) Still playing 2nd edition. No silly 3rd or 4th for us.

The packing system is still stable. I don't know how many days in we are, but let me go check... okay, May 24th was the start date for the packing project. So, we're 22 days into it? Yesh.

Those of you who guessed less than 22 days (three weeks and a day or less), you lose. The rest of you are still in the running. The polls are still open on how long the system will hold together.

We brought up 11 boxes of magazines from the basement last weekend. Slowly, we've gone through them, and I only found one gay porn magazine so far have been able to recycle most of it. There are two repacked boxes, and two stacks that need to be repacked... my guess is between four and five will go back down, but that frees up some space to move some other stuff down. Plus, there are still more boxes of magazines in the basement to go through which is where I suspect the porn is hiding which we hope to get to either today or tomorrow. I took most of this next week off from work because we originally anticipated it would end up coinciding with closing and then we thought it would mesh with the inspectiony stuff but now it's just going to be more packing, unless we get the green light on Monday.

One of the few nice things about the delay, other than the packing (though I realized I much too hastily packed up my Alexander collection... good thing the library mysteriously has the same exact books I do *shifty eyed look*) is the plotting of which room will be what and what we'll need to purchase and paint colors and things. Also allows time for the bad ideas to be dwelled upon and then ditched.

I have had a theory for a long time, which again and again proves to be true. I have a LOT of ideas, but there is no middle ground. Either my ideas are f-ing brilliant, or they are utter crap. So, this is good that the utter crap is being ditched before it becomes an issue and we have a room that got painted orange or something.

Have new plot bunny. Avoiding it as much as possible. Too much to do this summer. Somewhat working on Unforgettable, have next chapter half written and plotting the chapter to follow which might be what makes me get the next one done. Not keen on the next one, but want the one after that. It's like, making sure you have two quarters so you can get the green gumball only to get the one behind it.

I always liked the blue ones best.
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Title: Ever So Lonely
Author: Zhie
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Erestor is still keeping secrets. Elrond gets involved.
Notes: Bunniverse compatible, and very rooted in the bunniverse -- if you've not read much of the bunniverse, this may very well not make much sense (or at least raise a lot of questions). For those who do read the bunniverse, this will probably answer a few.
Big hugs and special thanks to Marty (Beruthiels Catz) for nudging me to write this, for helping encourage me along, and generally being there for the whole process of writing this. *huggles*

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Let Me Count the Ways -- Fingolfin's Family (genfic)
Knight Takes Rook -- Glorfindel/Erestor (slash)

They will both be on the archive later today. These are my 'post nano' fics; I always have to do something different immediately following hitting 50K

Title: Let Me Count the Ways
Author: Zhie
Rating: PG? If that.
Disclaimer: The characters and places are not mine; they belong to Tolkien and his estate and are being used for non-profit purposes.
Summary: Fingolfin’s kids think their cousins are annoying. Their father sets them straight… sort of.
Archived at: Phoenix ~~ http://phoenix.zhie.us
Note: Instead of using the names that would have been used at the time that they were in Valinor, I went with the ‘common’ names for the characters in this story. However, when archived, the ‘real’ names will be used instead. Bunniverse compatible. Written for JFA Challenge #8

Special thanks to Kathy Main, for Fingon’s bad habit, and for the name of the family’s dog.

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Title: Knight Takes Rook
Author: Zhie
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Glorfindel/Erestor
Summary: See title for summary.
Note: Written for LOTRAS daily drabble prompt for November 23, 2007 - Chess

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Title: Waxing of the Moon
Series: Meanwhile, in Rivendell
Author: Zhie
Beta: Nui
Pairing: Erestor/Glorfindel
Rating: R
Summary: Glorfindel tends to get annoying at times, but sometimes it turns out alright.
Notes: Thank you Nui for the title!! For the lotrallslash yahoo group daily drabble for the 27th - Candle

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