Mr. Fox

Mar. 10th, 2010 11:58 pm
zhie: (fox)
The icon I have is of lil Mr. Fox. He's now BIG Mr. Fox.

It's been very foggy and misty, and yesterday morning when I went to work I heard something rustle in the landscaped area of the yard. I looked over, and a big furry fox face was watching me. He darted off behind the shed while I ran back over to the house, knocked on the door, and told Mark the fox was back. Mark looked out the window, and told me, he's still back there, so I tiptoed around the shed -- bam! Mr. Fox! He and I played a game of 'If I dart around to another side of the shed, that means you can't find me!' he really likes our yard, I guess, and with good reason. Very few two story houses with lots of shaded area, a big yard with tall trees and the landscaping allows for a number of hidden spots.

When I stopped home for lunch, I thought I'd take a peek to see if he was still there -- and he was! Again, he leaped up, but was less skittish, but still warily backed off towards the bushes. After I went inside, we went up to the second floor and watched -- and he came back almost right away. After some preening and stretching, he curled up, flipped his tail around his head... and he practically disappeared against the dead grass. We have a feeling, from how he kept coming back, that he's probably been there a number of times without us noticing.

Anyhow, it's not just cool because he's such a gorgeous creature, but for two other reasons... the fox I wrote into 'Thrill of the Chase' (that story was long before we even knew there were foxes in the area) and also because my great-grandfather (mom's side via her mom) was named Little Fox. ^_^ Sadly, no pictures from yesterday -- camera battery wasn't charged! Next time... and since this was sighting number three (and was much more than a sighting) I am confident he'll be back.

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