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Voting was supposed to end at noon ET for this:


At noon ET, there was much rejoicing, because Feanor, while having a slight lead, had the lead. And should have won.

By 12:30, the polls were still open, and his lead was slipping.

Now, at almost 1pm ET, a wild pack of Gandalf lovers has gone in and mass voted.

(The same sort of thing happened in the Smaug vs Galadriel polls, though the lead there was slighter, Smaug was winning at Noon.)

I really hate it when something like this gets run and the rules aren't stuck to. With something running this close, someone should have been minding the store as it were. Clearly, they have a bias there as to who they want winning. They aren't particularly fond of Elves, from the way they write their commentary:

Checking in on the Tolkien Family Division, Legolas (1) is taking on Pippin (4) and as you might expect, the Elf Prince has a comfortable lead. Pippin fans, where are you?

And finally, in the Peter Jackson division, Glorfindel (1) is up against Merry (5) and the Elf lord is handily beating out the Esquire of Rohan. Make sure this one ends the way you want it, so vote now to ensure your favorite wins.

I know, it's just a game, but it's been very competitive. And that Silmarillion characters were put up against characters from LOTR & The Hobbit was almost like placating the Silm fans without expectations of any of them going through to the following rounds. Very disappointing, but more so now.

You know, I used to be pretty neutral about Gandalf, but now I hate that (insert favorite curse word here). Good job, Moria Balrog. Also, Gandy? I hear Isengard bids five...

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