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For those who do enjoy furry things...

Furnation -- www.furnation.com

One of my favorites was Louie Furrywolf's artwork; it was through Louie that I discovered Furnation, so a shout out to his site...


I'm listed on the member's page section, but my site's not up there anymore -- once I got my own site I stopped updating there and when they went to the 2.0 I didn't transfer the old stuff. However, it's kinda nice that I'm still a little bit a part of that; Furnation was the second place I had a website, and the first place I was able to freely express myself (good old free page on our campus web when I was in college was just not ready for the sort of stories I was writing!)

Also, for further reading, the bimonthly comic Furrlough (https://radiocomixstore.com/) is one I've read for a while; the covers are always lovely. My favorite was a recent one -- #186, was a dragon knight kissing a unicorn maiden. Really need to see if they offer that as a poster print.

Most of those reading this are probably in the LOTR fandom, where furs are probably more likely found with those playing with hobbits than with elves. Regardless, there's always bound to be some with similar interests, even if those interests are the sort of thing most people aren't into.

I have to go play with my tail now. It keeps following me. Ta.

-the resident cheetah

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