Jan. 7th, 2010 01:10 am
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Book shopping went well, as did most of the other adventuring today (wasn't able to find boots for Mark, boo...)

Snow on its way. Temporary scare when I noted it was a little cool and glanced at the temp gauge, showing it was '63 and holding'. We've set the temp at 68, so I was a tad concerned. Turned out that those pesky timer things set by the previous owners that we still haven't figured out are still romping around the system, and it thought we really meant that we wanted the system to shut off. Good thing I was still awake and noticed, or we'd be awfully cold in the morning! (not to mention worries of frozen pipes in the basement then!)

Going to snuggle into bed with cats, book, and frozen custard. If there's a snow day tomorrow, I think I'll clean out the fridge... and then write Screw Yule stuff. And maybe venture out boot hunting again. And if not, I get to disassemble some shelving.

Wow, I'm amazed I have an already established tag for snow...

'You might live in Wisconsin if...'

Oh, wait, I have one for cheezey fries, too... hmm... not so special anymore...

Ah, and Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack has given me a plot bunny. Also, real bunny gave me a plot bunny the other day.
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Well, that's just what it looks like from the outside. In truth, ERESTOR and GLRFNDL are safely (and snuggly -- gosh, those are two big vehicles!) tucked away in the garage. Took just over four months to get it to the point of nearly cleared out, but tonight when we got home to fill the gas can for the snow blower, I basically looked around and decided 'You know, I just wrote a novel. In a month. For the fifth year in a row. I think we can clean this garage out.'

Perhaps deciding this at 10pm on a weeknight was not the wisest, especially on a night when the temperature was hovering around 30 degrees, when I had a stomach ache, but, I'm stubborn when I get an idea into my head. And, I think, I still was on a fun-high from having just been at the really, really awesome NaNoWriMo TGIO Happily Ever After Party (at least, I thought it was awesome, but then, I'm biased. And, it really was awesome, and the Borders folks said we were welcome back any time despite our loudness and silliness - yay).

We managed, in less than two hours, to move all the large furniture into the house, except the old headboard. We also managed to pile up things or bag them up and leave them on the curb for the trash pick up tomorrow. We even swept the garage. Then, took the SUV (that would be GLRFNDL) to get gas.

This is the first time in over ten years that ERESTOR (the war wagon) is in a garage. Actually, more like 15 years. His adventures in his lower teen years consisted of being moved from one side of the street to the other, with an occasional trip to the city dump.

So, 2.5 car garages rock. Because you can fit in two big cars, and, have room for snow blower, lawn mower, and tons and tons of crap the former owners didn't take with them, including -- wait for it -- four shelves of dolphin knickknacks. And eight boxes of clothing. And... oh, nevermind, the fish tank is mine. But, the majority of the crap that we still have to donate to Goodwill is was theirs.

Including the broken snow blower. So, that should be, enough room for two snowblowers.

Oh, we named our new snowblower Vader. Yeah. We name just about anything that gets plugged in or filled with gas. *nods* Actually, the house even has a name...

(No, it's not The Last Homely House. Wrong fandom, actually ;)
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longer update later, but we are officially home owners now

we got the locks changed, and then mom and dad took us out to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant to celebrate; Jake came along, it was fun

most annoying things... the sellers, who wanted this pushed from Thursday to Tuesday, then arrived late to the 4pm closing, and then kept letting us know that they 'had to go by 5pm'

and i must say, Mark and I were signing things as fast as possible; the title officer was getting pretty pissed at them and made that known --- as for me, I finally said, just remind them, I totally rescheduled my work schedule to be there on Tuesday... we didn't hear anything after that (they were in the next conference room over, so we never really saw them) Also, their realtor never showed up, even though the signing was at her office... sheesh... I'm just glad to be done with those people... everyone else has been great, banker, our realtor, the title officer, etc., but their realtor and the sellers were major pains

anyhow, tomorrow begins Operation Clean House, as in, shampooing carpets and wiping down cabinets and such... and also, I'm getting into that garden! Must buy a hose tomorrow.

Sleepy now, am at Jake's where we had s'mores and a not so successful fire... so, I think we're all going to hit the sack now and FINALLY I can have a good night sleep... I've been sleeping the last four months like I'm in post-Doriath Gondolin... ah, the muses, I'm sure they're going to love the new place, and all the trees and flowers and space and lots of plot bunnies I need to get back to

icon for the pink flowers in the back yard and the happy bees that we see back there. back yard has pink and yellow flowers. I kinda took that as a sign when they came up this summer...

The House

Jul. 16th, 2009 02:27 am
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If anyone has any unneeded good vibes, please toss them in the direction of Madison where our loan officer is. Due to an appraiser who couldn't find a light in the attic and bank people who can't seem to get that there is no residential property that is 100% mold free, we're having issues about whose letters count and what wording they want for them.

And we're a week from closing.

cause Rose will be happy to see I remember these sometimes )

So, to recap: Everything and then some is fixed, the shed is a whore, and I really hope these bankers get some sense by the morning. Our realtor has said that he is confident that everything will work out okay, and that he has experts should we need someone to come in and sign off on things. However, I'd like to keep from having to spend more money for more people to come in and write the same thing that the home inspector already did.

The bank actually was upset that the inspector's letter stated that the roof had twenty years of life on it, instead of stating 'at least two years'. I don't know, last time I checked, twenty was better than two. If someone said, do you want twenty dollars or two dollars, despite Jefferson being all cool and all on the $2 bill, I'd be, yo, gimme twenty bucks, dude.

And I blame this all on not getting enough sleep and writing my final piece for my composition class as a poem about Bagoas. Always wait to throw a eunuch into your professional enrichment course until the final project, I always say.

Well, I always meant to say that even though I never really did say that...

Also. I had more but I forgot. I should try to get some sleep. Which has NOT been coming easy these last three weeks. Especially with all the mosquito bites from the shed painting. Oh, and seriously? People should cut down dead trees in their yards. There's nothing practical, artsy, or cool about a dead tree. It's dead. And also? It's dead. Get rid of it already. That's one of those 'first day' items that shall occur.

-change locks
-mow lawn
-shampoo rugs
-trim insane trees of too much growth from humping the roofs of the neighboring garages
-cut down dead friggin tree in front yard and trim prickly bush of doom

That's provided there is a day one *keeping fingers crossed until I have to itch mosquito bites again*

Two weeks

Jul. 9th, 2009 09:26 am
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Well, we waited three months so far, I suppose another two weeks shouldn't be that bad.

The house has been appraised and inspected, just waiting for that paperwork to get to me.

Got a great review from the inspector, who was there for four and a half hours.

Hopefully there's nothing major from the appraiser to be fixed. *crosses fingers*
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Finishing up the end of week one of this episode of 'this fairly new but looking like an old house in the basement house'. This week, we...

-removed the first four feet of drywall
-removed shag carpet and pad
-removed baseboard and edging around doorways
-removed insulation
-swept, vacuumed, rinsed with bleach, repeat on smaller of two rooms
-defeated many spiders and mosquitos
-have the pictures to prove it

Still need to go over today and move all of the stuff left behind into the garage, except really nasty stuff, which will go away. I'm pretty sure... oh!

-removed old yucky couch from hell
-cleaned futon frame

Plus lots of little things. Today, I'm hoping we can finish the basement in a couple of hours and then tidy up the rest of the house (which is in fairly good shape) so that when the appraiser comes tomorrow everything is in it's happy place.

Still addicted to Mafia Wars.
Started next chapter of Unforgettable.
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Still addicted to Mafia Wars.

Still working on basement.

Still can’t believe Michael Jackson is dead. 

Have learned how to...

-cut drywall
-take apart a couch
-smash things with a 3lb hammer
-dance through a debris filled room
-not scream so much when there are spiders (fogs up mask)
-tear up wet carpet
-pry off wooden framing
-cut locks off things
-remove insulation
-trick muses into helping

Need to go into work tomorrow. Hoping there are some applications that are decent. Have one student worker who is not on the happy list right now (of anyone, from the sounds of it), and one that I really wanted to have doing other things but is basically having to baby sit the other one [not to mention the one not making student of the year blamed my lead student for something that was screwed up]. Grrr. Very grrr. Did talk to a guy last week that sounded promising, but he can’t start until fall. Booo.

Also – Dark? We found the big black spiders. They were hiding in the shed.

Plus hornets, wasps, and something in a really weird shaped nest thing.

They will all be dealt with shortly...

And... in my brief skimming of people's LJs... *hugs MJ* I'm sorry about your uncle... and someone is raising a kid vegan, I know someone who did that and the kiddle turned out fine, she's five and seems like your typical kid... people who try to make cats go vegan I do have issue with because cat is not person is not able to go total veggie is not made to be that way is like putting tomato juice in your car you'll kill it, but kids seem to do okay (pretty sure she breast fed, but she's vegan - obviously - so... I don't think that counts then, or it's not the same, i need sleep, i'll remember who you are later, sorry, the elves are dragging me to shower and to bed...)

An update

Jul. 1st, 2009 12:48 am
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Let's see...

1. I have the best boss in the world. Well, I have two bosses, actually, but, how to put it... hmm... if I was Erestor, which I'm not because that's just silliness, but if I did happen to be a fanfictional chief counselor/librarian/everything else who had more than one boss, one would be Elrond and the other would be Gil-Galad, if we were in the Second Age, which we're not, but let's pretend. And the one who is Gil-Galad, would be awesome. Elrond would just be a neat freak. Okay, he's not bad. He's okay, most of the time. But, a neat freak. Who... randomly calls and asks 'Who's the troll in the Hobbit?' and I have to say 'It wasn't a troll, it was another hobbit, and his name was Gollum.', but I digress.

So, my awesome boss is super awesome. Letting me take sudden vacation to take care of the house and finding people to cover me. I OWE him. Totally. I hope he likes chocolate or something. I know he likes pizza, but saying 'hey, thanks, and btw, here's a pizza!'...yeah, that's weird. Anyhow...

1. People should not put couches in their basement if the couch is too large and heavy to get back up the stairs. I swear, they built the house around this couch. However, six hours and the correct size ratchet thingie later, the couch is in two pieces sitting atop the dumpsters at the landfill. Yeah. We actually hoisted it up so they are in the upright position. Looks like a prank, come to think of it. But, we won! Ha! Take that, couch of doom!

2. When you're on the rag and pissed as hell over the six hour couch ordeal, there's nothing better in the world than taking a sledge hammer to some drywall. Good times, y'all. Good times.

3. We're pretty sure, after today which included spraying lots of bleach and bagging up lots of icky junk, it's not mold on the walls. It's mildew. It's icky, but, it's mildew. How am I so certain? I'm allergic to mold. I'm like a bloodhound for it. This stuff was just... icky mildew nasty blech stuff. Even looks like it compared to other places that have mildew. Here's hoping we can get it all cleaned up in the next two days.

4. This one goes out to the Milwaukee posse -- Dark, Vonn, Nui, Colleen, representin' -- DUDE! WTF is up with us having such friggin' huge basement spiders?! They're, like, frickin' huge! I'm afraid to go looking to see what kind these are that have so happily decided to reside in the basement. They're brownish-red and icky. And BIG. Mutherfuckers. *shudders*

5. There was a number five, but I'm very tired and don't remember it. I am beginning to feel like a resident of Menards and Harbor Freight Tools these days.

Oh, here's a number 6... the writing class I'm taking... the instructor wasn't a fan of my fiction, but he thinks I'm excelling with the essays and the professional writing and scholarly stuff. Is just weird for me.

And Leon's! There is Leon's in my near future! For those that don't know what I mean... well, I pitty the fool who don't know 'bout Leon's.

Okay. Later all. I gotta go see a guy about a rip saw in the morning, but not until after I go give a realtor and a bank and a landlord and a credit card place and a phone company and an insurance company some of my money. Insurance came in at way, way, way, way less than everyone kept saying it would, and we added some riders and things and it's still under half the price everyone said. Go us for whatever we did to make our insurance company happy. I doubt it was the jokes I was cracking with the agent yesterday, but, hey, you never know.

Back of my mind, nervous about Harley's blood work results now. Called this morning to get them, and doc was busy, they said she'd call back. My cell wasn't working, though, so I never got a call, though I did get some calls that cut out. Anyhow, my thought is, if all was well, they'd have left a message on the machine, and if something was wrong, they'd want to talk real time on the phone?

I'm just crossing my fingers that maybe doc was too busy to call back or forgot or something.

And, I'm addicted to Mafia Wars on facebook. If anyone's over there that I don't know about, I'm just under my regular address ( but it wouldn't let me register as Zhie because it's less than five characters. Bastards. So, if you're on facebook, glomp me, and if you're playing Mafia Wars, dude! this game is too addicting! (I blame Jeff and Anjulka... kept seeing their little messages... too curious... and... gah, got hooked.)

Which, is where I'm off to now before bed...
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Glorfindel: Packing peanuts are overrated. I like the bubble rap!

Erestor: You mean the bubble wrap.

Glorfindel: Have you not heard the bubble rap? It goes like this--

Erestor: Glorfindel, hold these flaps together so that I can tape this box.

Glorfindel: No, that is not how the rap goes.

Erestor: *GLARE*

Glorfindel: Holding box, dear.

Erestor: Be good, or I will give your room to the cats.

Glorfindel: Your threats are idle. You have no authority to give my room away, and if you did, that means you would have nowhere to go, either.

Erestor: ...

Glorfindel: Are you going to tape this box or--- mphhfh mphh mmmmhmmpph.

Erestor: Duct tape DOES have many uses...

(That's their way of saying WE GOT THE HOUSE...almost. There's still all the appraising and assessing and inspecting and such...awww, lookit lil Maedhros, he's so happy... guess he's expecting a room, now, too!)
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Took a break from packing and classes yesterday and went to Jake's house for dinner and a dungeon. ^_^ We did a little Caves of the Unknown adventuring (me with my somewhat prissy cartographer elf), ate some spaghetti which Jake made awesomely, went back to adventuring. Cleared the cave and saved the gnomes! Yay us! (even if my character refused to swim to the spot to actually aid the gnomes due to not wanting to ruin her suede garments... hmm, I'm starting to see how she's lacking with the experience points...) Still playing 2nd edition. No silly 3rd or 4th for us.

The packing system is still stable. I don't know how many days in we are, but let me go check... okay, May 24th was the start date for the packing project. So, we're 22 days into it? Yesh.

Those of you who guessed less than 22 days (three weeks and a day or less), you lose. The rest of you are still in the running. The polls are still open on how long the system will hold together.

We brought up 11 boxes of magazines from the basement last weekend. Slowly, we've gone through them, and I only found one gay porn magazine so far have been able to recycle most of it. There are two repacked boxes, and two stacks that need to be repacked... my guess is between four and five will go back down, but that frees up some space to move some other stuff down. Plus, there are still more boxes of magazines in the basement to go through which is where I suspect the porn is hiding which we hope to get to either today or tomorrow. I took most of this next week off from work because we originally anticipated it would end up coinciding with closing and then we thought it would mesh with the inspectiony stuff but now it's just going to be more packing, unless we get the green light on Monday.

One of the few nice things about the delay, other than the packing (though I realized I much too hastily packed up my Alexander collection... good thing the library mysteriously has the same exact books I do *shifty eyed look*) is the plotting of which room will be what and what we'll need to purchase and paint colors and things. Also allows time for the bad ideas to be dwelled upon and then ditched.

I have had a theory for a long time, which again and again proves to be true. I have a LOT of ideas, but there is no middle ground. Either my ideas are f-ing brilliant, or they are utter crap. So, this is good that the utter crap is being ditched before it becomes an issue and we have a room that got painted orange or something.

Have new plot bunny. Avoiding it as much as possible. Too much to do this summer. Somewhat working on Unforgettable, have next chapter half written and plotting the chapter to follow which might be what makes me get the next one done. Not keen on the next one, but want the one after that. It's like, making sure you have two quarters so you can get the green gumball only to get the one behind it.

I always liked the blue ones best.
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Pulled everything out of the closet. Half of what was in there were either my stuffed animals or Smaug's Star Wars action figures (both current and original ones, he had the advantage of being a kid when the movie first came out and having stuff like a stuffed wookie, which still qualifies as an action figure and not a stuffed animal).

When most of it went back in, better packed and minus some odd things that needed to be tossed, we were able to get the guitars (my bass, his bass, his electric, and his acoustic) and my violin in as well, and there's still room for about five or six more good sized boxes, at least.

We found leg-less Legolas! He was from a store display a loooooong while ago, before people actually wanted such things. We brought him home for my sister, who left him in our care when she went to Kentucky, but since we've not been on the best of terms, and she's not asked about him since, he's going to come live with us.

Glorfindel: I seriously hope you don't expect us to share our room with him.

Erestor: Lara Croft is one thing, but we draw the line at Legolas.

Glorfindel: I draw the line at both of them *narrows eyes at Erestor*

Erestor: *shrugs* Can't blame me for trying...

Guess Legolas will have to stay in the closet over there, too... or maybe he can guard the basement.

Glorfindel: Yes. Basements are perfect places for silly cave dwelling elves, anyway.

Legolas: *from closet* I heard that!

Erestor: If I were him, I would be less concerned about where I was going to live, and more concerned over the fact I was folded in half and shoved into a closet.

Glorfindel: And in a plastic bag, no less. Right next to Lara Croft.

Erestor: Next to Lara? *wistful* Wonder if there's any room left...

Glorfindel: Take one step toward the closet, and I'll be happy to fold you in half so you fit in there. *glares*

Uh-oh, the boys are getting a little nasty. I think it's all the packing. BTW, kitties seem to be a little better about it -- I think putting the boxes of things back in the spaces there were in is helping, as is snuggling when they investigate and not chasing them out of the boxes like I was doing the first night. It does mean the packing tape is a little furry, but, eh, might as well match everything else around here!
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Harley is worried.

He keeps crawling into boxes and crying.

I just realized that the last time these kitties saw someone packing boxes would have been when they were ditched by their old owners.

Oreo's in the hallway, staring/glaring at me, but that's not necessarily out of the ordinary. Harley wandering around lost and crying, that's an issue.

Must learn kitty talk for 'don't worry you're coming with us'...
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I have begun the part of the moving ritual known as PACKING

There are two neatly packed boxes sitting in the living room. More shall join them tonight.

I am actually doing better than I thought. I certainly assumed the loft part of the hall closet, which houses art and office supplies, would be a three to four box job, and it's going to come in around 2.5, so that's a good start.

I have developed a system for the packing ritual. Years of library training led to this.

Each room (at the new location) has been assigned a letter and a color. For example, the room that will be the library/music room aka my domain has the letter Z and the color purple (I'm sure no one is surprised about either of those -- see? the system makes sense!).

Each box has that letter, in that color, on the top in a circle. Beneath the circled letter is a number, which corresponds on a sheet where everything is written as to the general contents.

This sheet, handwritten now, will be typed up and turned into an Excel spreedsheet (or, if I feel like it, an Access database) which will allow as boxes are taken to the new location for them to be 'received' and checked off. Also, if at some point something is needed from a box before, during, or immediately following the moving, we can just search what we are looking for, know the corresponding box, and open just that one instead of searching through a lot of them.

Dewey would be proud. Or at least, he'd understand.

So... betting is open on the floor for how long until this new found system breaks down. Do I hear a week? Two weeks? Can I get a month from the lady in the back with the funny hat...?

...back to packing...
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As I sit down to briefly write a house update, there is a cat wrapped around my feet. He's snuggly just about all the time, but when I get done with a shower he simply must glomp himself atop my feet and snuggle them like there's no tomorrow.

Which is what he's doing right now... snuggling, nuzzling, and occasionally licking my feet.

That'll make the house update less boring.

House update... last week Monday, we got the okay from the first of their two banks. Recap: It's a short sale, so we need the okay of the seller and their bank as less will be paid back than is really due on the loan. However, a double whammy on this one -- they have two mortgages on it. Short sale helps to keep the seller from going into foreclosure, and keeps the bank from losing even more in that sort of situation. Good for the buyer, too, because they get a deal but the house isn't trashed as is often the case with a foreclosure.

Today, the second mortgage okayed it. We now wait for the seller to sign some papers allowing us to go in and clean out the basement to make it presentable for the appraiser, inspectors, etc., etc., but that should go through in a few days and allow us to get into there next week to get the ball rolling.

What does this mean to you? Well, it means that all the sudden, probably some time next week, I'll probably be very scarce for two, maybe three months. There's a month of all the pre-buying stuff, then there's the fix it up month and then the move in month.

Heh, kitty's got both arms wrapped around one foot, and but trying to nuzzle the other foot.. silly kitty.

And, a lot of packing to come. Lots of packing. I expect to dream of brown corrugated boxes and rolls of bubble wrap for a while.

Big hugs and snuggles to everyone who was sending vibes and saying prayers and sprinkling pixie dust in my general direction! If all goes well, we should have one really awesome, fabulous homely house of our own in a few short months. ^_^

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