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I love the Indy 500. Some of you know that my parents, years ago when I was a little kid, would tell me that the Indy 500 was run for my birthday to get me to sit through the whole thing without being a nuisance. We continue to refer to it as my race.

Well, today I'm not feeling so well, so I decided to stay home. Mom and dad are sick, too, so I think it's probably best this way. So I'm sacked out on the recliner watching it, and reminiscing about the most memorable year I recall, the 1997 running of the race.

I turned 18 that day ==== ((2010 update: sheesh, second crash of the day already!)) ==== and in my family we would always 'pick cars' to win (various ways of doing it, typically everyone chooses five or six of them and has their own to cheer on). Anyhow, my favorite race car driver ever is Arie Luyendyk Sr., and he was racing, and I had him on my sheet (any year that the race ran on my actual birthday, I'd get to pick first).

Anyhow, it ran over three days, due to weather, but... Arie won! It was such a tense race, and... I was totally ditched school that Tuesday to see the end of it.

Link to wiki article with details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1997_Indianapolis_500

I recall making little jello molded cars for every single car, and having them on an oval tray, lined up in order, in the closest color to their cars, with the car numbers written in whipped cream on the top. They were eaten in order of cars crashing out...

Wish I didn't feel like crap. Much more fun to watch with the family, but, blah, I wouldn't be any fun.

Anyhow, I saw there's FOUR women racing this year! (Pretty sure I counted them all..yeah, Sarah Fisher, the hussie, and two that look like newbies...). That's awesome. I remember when I was always happy when Lyn St. James would be in it.

Gosh, there's some beautiful cars out there today. I'm pulling for Will Power to win. He started second *fingers crossed*

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