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realized i don't even have time for that

will say, there are times this darkling muse of mine scares the crap out of me

just because the dark lord favors wearing the same color is not a valid reason to consider joining him

good thing fin-muse is technically dead and can't really hear ress saying these things

in other news, big write-in tomorrow night - super excited

in other other news, i have the best boss in the world... so few would actually understand an elf obsession

also, a scholarly discussion on which ceasars are the ceasars which make up Little Ceasars will indeed scare the cashier when you come to get your pizzas

and i have a dentist visit tomorrow, because i'm pretty sure he messed something up last time (nothing hurt until he 'fixed' something... which, it seems, needs to be un-fixed if this is what fixing it did)

finally, i sent the req in this week to have the last typewriter in the library hauled off... should be gone next week... 1990s, here we come!!

WROTE NOTHING today except renovation proposals, order reqs, invoices, call numbers, etc... really need tomorrow's write-in, have huge plot bunny with teeth dug into my ankle... knew he was hiding here, but he finally jumped his furry ass out and got me, and this time I'm not kicking him off... I should... but I'm not... hated this idea first time around, but it's grown on me
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Do you recall when you were a child, and, if you celebrated Christmas, you waited with anticipation for the 25th of December? Perhaps you tried to stay up late, or maybe you just got up early. The sound of jingling bells made you race down the stairs in hopes of catching a glimpse of the jolly old elf himself.

Well, I've had a couple of nights of staying up late, getting up early, and generally just not being able to concentrate. I can't even write, though I had hoped to, during these last few days. I've had the time, and how. I have the muses, they won't leave me alone. But there's something I've not had now for a week.

I really, really miss my library.

Gyah, y'know, if I ever see a fic with Erestor just pining for his library and then see a comment where someone goes 'oh, no one would ever care that much about a room full of books', I'll slap them with a smelly trout.


I am so close to tears it's not funny. I want my library. I want the aisles of books, the piles of unanswered correspondence I really need to get to, the half-buried desk, the comment box where someone keeps sending fake letters addressed from Turgon or Sirius Black, the silence, the comfy couch, the slightly mismatched furniture, the over;y excessive section on Alexander the Great, the out of order DVDs, the problem books with missing barcodes, the labels and the ink and all of that knowledge that normally surrounds me daily.

And strangely enough? I'm missing the council meetings, too. There's not another one until late January. That's over a month without one. A room full of people who can't agree, and I miss it. WTF, yo?

It's going to be very quiet tomorrow, and that's probably a good thing. I'll get to glomp the library and bond with it for a while without interruptions. I am extremely tempted to take some of my quills with me tomorrow. Or, rather, the muse is nudging me and saying I should -- who am I to refuse him, right?

Well, this little book deprived chief counselor is taking herself off to bed, because the sooner she does, the sooner she gets to see her library again. It's going to be like Christmas morning for me when I get there.
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I left last night after a 'counsel meeting', lol. Came back to the library this morning and had to tell one patron that we aren't kidding about the no kids rule, and though I apologized and was awfully nice, she still had to make one of those rude parting comments at the door.

'What is the world coming to that they won't let you bring your child in here?'

Sorry, liability doesn't cover it.. secondly, I'd get my ass reamed by 'Elrond' (y'know, this is so much fun being able to relate everything to Rivendell...) for allowing it, and thirdly, this isn't a public library. It's academic. Big ass difference.

Side note - I'm trying to avoid a book rep, er, I mean, a 'scroll seller'.. keeps calling- wait, I mean, trying to 'mind speak' with me.. yeah (okay this is harder than I thought) and I keep running all the way to my office to check caller ID numbers before I answer. Oy.

And, I had someone complain about how her fines were so high and it prevented her from registration. Now, here's the thing - we send out letters about the fines. We also give a courtesy call.. and though I'm sorry it messed up registration, it messes us up when things don't get returned for two months beyond the checkout and grace period. Now, the other part of this is, I've been known to reduce fines - I'm actually fairly kind when it comes to that. Usually, I'm the one who says 'well, first time offense, I'll cut you a deal'. BUT.. those who are rude.. no. I won't suggest it, and if they bring it up, well, it's not policy so I don't HAVE to halve the fine. Which is normally what I do - and in cases of 60 or 70 dollar fines, it's a big difference.

Which just leads to today's punchline.

Always be nice to Erestor.

I mean, your librarian..

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As promised to someone somewhere, some newer pictures of Erestor's library. I mean, my library. Hee hee. The new chairs and couches have arrived! ^_^

Here's the purple ones:

And a shot with some of the green ones:

Finally, the couches! Yay.

More to follow... y'all know how much I love my library...

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