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Background: Not too long ago, Lalaith Raina and I created a pair of male Elves who were going to hook up in the game a) for fun b) as a social experiment c) because even Elves need to take a stance on gay rights d) it was fun watching Bandoras be as clueless as Yucca e) all of the above and then some. Well, all of that happened, things were great, pies were made, presents were sent, and then Lalaith Raina had a panicflail on a writing project and she pulled Gwyndir (her character) into a story and wrote it about him and another elf.

Well. Of course, Zhie (the in-game character version) had to let Bainith (my pretty elf) know what she knew of Gwyndir's past when he started to gush about it. Or something like that. So, Bainith broke it off with Gwyndir, then when Lalaith finished her story (I didn't do it before *just* in case she killed new character off), I created the other character that Gwyndir was originally with, and now all's happy there.

But, lo, a wedding is being planned in-kin, between two hobbits (Bandoras, and Yucca -- and Yucca is actually Lalaith too, heh). And Yucca and Bainith are best friends (they grew up in the Shire together -- yes, yes, whole other story on Bainith there), so Bainith is going to be Yucca's maid of honor. But! He didn't have a date anymore because of the Gwyndir thing -- until last night.

For several days (weeks?) Yucca and Bandoras have been super-helpful, asking every single male elf or man who walks through the Prancing Pony or in front of it if they would like to go with Bainith to the wedding. Even a few random letters have been sent (with pies attached). We are seriously going to be known as the crazy emo pie kin. Anyhow, Yucca and Bainith were in the Pony two nights ago and trying to get people to RP, and suddenly someone randomly asked in the Advice channel if RP was happening anywhere. Simultaneously, Yucca and I declared that the Pony was open for business, while some members of another kin announced they were RPing at the Mess Hall. Then Yucca and Bainith received messages privately telling them that there were four people RPing in the mess hall (one of whom Bainith had previously met).

So, we raced on over, and shortly after we were invited to that kin's kinhouse. There was much talking and drinking and RPing, and then, an elf mentioned a few times in their conversation, suddenly walked through the door.

And when an elf walks in wearing a hauberk AND a floral crown, and has a dress slotted as an outfit, you grasp that slimmest glimmer of hope.

And in the span of 24 hours, letters were sent, suggestive phrases were written, a Dwarf blatently scrutinized Bainith and repeatedly asked about his intentions, and Bainith totally has a date.

A hot date, at that.

He was starting to think he really *would* have to settle for Bill Ferny.

But that's a whole other part of the story....

(The worst part? I had to deal with the storms repeatedly knocking out the internet, so there were times I would only get one line in and have to restart. Very frustrating, but ultimately worth it. Now the only thing left is to bake pies and worry about Yucca's dress.)

Certainly having fun RPing with this other kin. I think we need to have a combined event with them at some point...
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Well that's what I get for staying up until 7am to play LOTRO.

I woke up 45 minutes ago thinking 'hmm, I'll catch up on email and stuff and then I'll go get something to eat and then maybe do something outside and...wtf is wrong with my computer? It thinks it's 6:20!'

Well. *tears up todo list* I guess i should get something to eat... and then... play more LOTRO.

Don't worry, it's only an addiction when you don't think it is... and I'm aware of the fact it's an addiction, so it's okay. No intervention necessary yet.

But -- I totally understand The Guild way better now...

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