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First, I want to reiterate -- I am still putting in a request for a refund on this year.

I am very sad about what happened in London today. Hoping that everyone I know who is over there is safe; wishing that everyone over there could have been.

Everyone is linking this to that G8 thing, but my first thought was the Olympics. Bastardly thing that was done either way.

Continuing on the keeping my mind off other things thread, more story archiving happening on Pounce.


I'm up to 99 stories. Weehoo! ^_^ Means the next one pushes me into the triple digits. From how I was going through the lists, it will end up being 'Bondage for the Bound'... how very lovely...

It should seem like 'wow, i've gotten lots done' but it still seems like 'damn, i still have SO much to do'. It's coming along very well, though.

And I've started sorting out things on my TC sites. You won't see anything changing yet because I'm working things out on my home computer, but I shall alert when the update/revamp/whatever goes through.

Perhaps ThunderWolf will stop poking me. I sincerely doubt it. Miss him, must call the lion later. Now that I have a cel phone and can actually hear him as opposed to using the craperific land line.

Later, gaters

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Okay, maybe more like, hit the awkward teen phase.


Mama like. Very much.

So now that I have this snazzy lead in to the ThunderCats sites, I best move my ass over to do something with them, shouldn't I? There is probably a bunch of stuff I could drop... I bet the fanfic links are a disaster... oy vey, should have listened to the warnings of Lady Bast back in the day on how labor intensive a fanfic library was... really should have listened... did I? lmao, hell no, had to stumble myself on that one

mayhaps a simple listing of authors and where to find their works would more than suffice... websites are just way too dynamic these days (hell, they always were)

but, that's for another day... tonight... i want a taco

or maybe not, i haven't decided yet


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