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What do you get when you throw together two or more elves into a bed, write about it for a thousand words, and then start all over with a different bunch?

No, stag night in the hall of fire is not the correct answer... it's time for Screw Yule at Little Balrog!


Hmm, I need an updated icon...
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Title: Moth to a Flame
Characters: Feanaro, Nerdanel, Nolofinwe, Eresse, and Anaire
WC: 2121
Rated: PG (what a shame... I promise better next time)
Disclaimer: Characters owned by Tolkien. I’m just playing with them because they were bored.
Summary: Het. Nerdanel’s first Masquerade party does not turn out exactly as she had hoped.*
Notes: Written for the 2010 Little Balrog Screw Yule Celebration – Day One. Bunniverse compatible.

*This story didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped, either! WTF, Feanor? Can't believe he wanted to be a gentleman on this... bad elf!

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The theme:


The link:


This is a Little Balrog yearly celebration , but everyone (who is an adult) is encouraged to jump into the gutter with us. Feel free to repost this info to... anywhere. Enjoy!

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but I forgot.

Oh! Yeah... Screw Yule is coming up.

That... wasn't why I was posting, though. Oh well.

I miss my library again. I won't be back for five days. Four days? Either way.

I'm hopeless.

So.... Screw Yule is coming up! Five Year Anniversary (I think... I'm not the best at remembering this stuff...)

Oh, gosh, no, I AM terrible at this stuff... this is the Seventh Year.

Wow. Even I'm impressed with myself... gosh, I've been writing Elf Smut for a long time...

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