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Dear Diary Livejournal,

Need to find the right term of narcissistic writer. Actually, just need term that sounds better to describe self.

Was clued into the fact that there will likely be another of those bouts of unpleasantness in the fandom, this one concerning the topic of Mary Sues. First thought upon reading the email was, perhaps I should go over and show support of the writer. I did help found a Mary Sue/Elf site long ago in a galaxy not so far away. Second thought was to show support for the naysayer, as the story in question is, honestly, not very well written.

Both thoughts were fleeting at best, followed by third thought of, why waste time with all this when my own stories are so delightful and hasn't it been a long time since I reread that Thranduil one, and I love me, I am so awesome that I can entertain myself.

Yes, I know it is extremely egotistical to admit, but I am my biggest fan. And with that said, since it's too late to reread fic now, am taking self off to bed to let mind wander about Erestor/Feanor mini adventure thought up while making dinner before falling asleep to hoping dream about some elves. Not particular, though, would prefer a cheesecake eating Glorfindel or a goat loving Gladders or something like that.

PS -- Oh, it's okay! I just went roaming around for info on narcissism, and though it's very likely not healthy at all (though, admittedly, I feel okay), Oscar Wilde was self-confessed to be a narcissist ['To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance' -- duh! I should have figured that out on my own.] I knew I liked that guy, and not just for his great hair and awesome quotes. (The Glorfindel thing is making sense, now, too, I mean, vanity and narcissism are like bed mates. And by bed mates, I mean they might be having incredible sex together. Right now. The really dirty kind. 'Cause that's how they roll.)

Time for me to get back into the gutter and go stargazing.

Never a dull moment here!

(Okay, admittedly, the packing posts can be pretty dull. I'll try to spice them up with mentions of cheesecake and butt sex and other fun stuff if I remember to.)

Comments are disabled. What? They're in a wheelchair -- stop looking at them like that. Geez! Show some respect... *shakes head* They just got over having Polio. And rabies. And skorzenforgen.

*giggles* Mwahaha! This is the best part about comment disabling -- no one can respond to anything!! It's like, getting a God-complex about THAT post or something. 'I have spoken, and you can say NOTHING.' Also, probably not healthy. Fun, though.

Oh, gosh, Khell just popped up on IM. That makes me realize, I talked to her when I got up at 5am, and now it's 2:37am. This explains my complete openness and lack of, um, decorum? Or something. It's like when at sleepovers, and you just start admitting things like thinking so-and-so (well, Anjulka will know who so-and-so was...) was cute or... no, I guess that was the big one at sleepovers. Who was cuter than the rest of the cute guys. Hmm, come to think of it, Anjulka probably has a lot of good blackmail on me. So, people on my f-list should definitely not talk to her -- *uses Jedi mind trick* there's nothing interesting she can tell you.

Oh, yes, we need sleep. But, I still love me -- even in my sleep-deprived state, I think I am awesome. Well, the writing more than anything. (Maybe I should lock this post -- some people get drunk and say thing *coughErestorcough* I get sleepy and say things)

Also, I have Night Rider frozen custard. It's yummy. I'll let you guess what's in it, and ten points to---

Oh, damn, comments disabled means to guessing. Fine, it's chocolate with marshmallow swirl and oreos. Bet you think you're pretty tricksy, getting me to tell you---

(insert Zhie leaning over computer laughing to self) So, now we enter 'everything is funny' mode. Dangerous. Alright. Frozen custard, Valinor daydream about Erestor and Feanor, and then bedtime. Hmm. Frozen custard, Valinor daydream, fall asleep watching Mythbusters. Yesh. That will do, Mr. Wilde, that will do.

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