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I was looking for something completely different tonight. I found this instead (from DarkDreamer's LJ):

Yeah so last night I was chatting with Zhie on Yahoo Messanger and....well...I copy pasted our after 2am maddness becouse....

1) Im a dork
2) Who knows who may read it and find a evil bunny there somewhere
3) I will NOT ware bright colors, nope, aint gonna happen

I removed the usual "Hello", "Hi", "How ya doin", "Fine how are you", stuff and grabed the parts after that...and of course...my spelling is...yeah...oy!


(The maddness of 2 slash writers while slap-happy and randomly chatting)

Zhie: I posted the next chapter of unforgettable yesterday
Zhie: There's... dun dun dun... a bit of light femslash in it
MDarkDreamer: I saw that you posted it!
MDarkDreamer: Oooo...naughty Zhie
Zhie: So I think I can check everything off the list now except tentacle porn
MDarkDreamer: HA!
MDarkDreamer: Erestor is truly a squid and falls in love with Glorfindel and.....
MDarkDreamer: *Slaps self*
Zhie: ...no
Zhie: no.
Zhie: and...no.
MDarkDreamer: What
Zhie: Tentacle porn. no.
MDarkDreamer: Erestor is a Squid, who, pissed off Ulmo and he said "Get then fuck out of my water for teh next 100 years!" So Erestor, with his Inky hair....falls in love with Glorfindel and....*SquishySmex*
MDarkDreamer: *Looks around inocently*
Zhie: ...
Zhie: no tentacle porn
Zhie: I always think of the video game Maniac Mansion, where the tentacles were evil
Zhie: I'd have nightmares of tentacles and elves
MDarkDreamer: *Snort*
MDarkDreamer: Well alright...I guess a "elfhood" in Glorfindels arse while a tentical jerks him and anotehr messes with his balls and 2 other tenticals fiddle with his nipples is asking to much....
MDarkDreamer: *Sigh*
Zhie: ...
Zhie: I didn't need that image, Dark
MDarkDreamer: Oh shit...thats right your visual
MDarkDreamer: Fuck...sorry
Zhie: *whimpers, sucks on thumb*
MDarkDreamer: *Inserts thumb into my....mouth and joins you*
MDarkDreamer: My Bad
MDarkDreamer: My fwend Zhieeeeeeeeeeee
Zhie: heh
MDarkDreamer: With friedns like me...who needs enimas
Zhie: ....
Zhie: >-<
Zhie: you had to go there
MDarkDreamer: What...youve never hear that saying?
Zhie: tentacles and enemas
MDarkDreamer: Oh shit
Zhie: *shudders*
MDarkDreamer: Sorry
MDarkDreamer: its 2:43am....Im sorry
MDarkDreamer: Slolwy cripples up to Zhie and hugs her, petting her hair
MDarkDreamer: Forgive my dorky arse please
Zhie: *snuggles*
Zhie: s'ok
MDarkDreamer: *Smiles*
Zhie: brb, i'm switching to the laptop
MDarkDreamer: ok
MDarkDreamer: *Smiles*
Zhie: *pokes*
MDarkDreamer: Pokes you back
Zhie: *pokes again*
MDarkDreamer: Oh I see how it is
MDarkDreamer: Tosses a naked Glorfindel at you to distract you from pokeing me
Zhie: *watches Erestor poke Glorfindel with a tentacle*
Zhie: See, look what you made me do
MDarkDreamer: Ahhh!!!!!
MDarkDreamer: heheheehh
Zhie: All your fault
Zhie: Bad Dark
MDarkDreamer: Lalala
MDarkDreamer: I personaly think Glorfindel would like Tentacle porn...or would at least be up for it once....likes to try new things he does...myeeees...use the force Erestor...use the...*Blinks*...Oh I have soooo lost it now....sigh
MDarkDreamer: Ahhh...the 3am "SlapHappys"
Zhie: *snickers*
MDarkDreamer: And I have to get up at 6am...Hahahahahohohohehehe...Oy!
Zhie: Me too
MDarkDreamer: Ouch...so were Both going to be zombies then
Zhie: We should be encouraging each other to be responsible adults and go to sleep
Zhie: hahahahhahahaha...
Zhie: lol
MDarkDreamer: *Gaaaaaaaasp*
Zhie: heh heh heh
Zhie: We're so bad
MDarkDreamer: That we are...naughty...naughty little slash writers
MDarkDreamer: *SpankSpank*
Zhie: Dammit, if i dream of tentacle porn...
MDarkDreamer: *Hides*
Zhie: I had such a good time in gondolin, too
MDarkDreamer: Awwww....
MDarkDreamer: So when you drempt of Gondolin, what did ya see...naked Ecthelion playing with his mighty sword?
Zhie: btw, we're turning the fanfiction panel into a luau party
Zhie: no, I did see his fountain though
MDarkDreamer: Oooooo
MDarkDreamer: So now what? Luau? Why
Zhie: Because Mir found some Luau stuff
MDarkDreamer: Dont expect me to ware pastel colors Zhie...Ill go Exorsit on your arse
Zhie: Pastels aren't luau
Zhie: Bright colors are
MDarkDreamer: jfodijf'afj'oejgg
Zhie: And i don't think that's required
Zhie: You will be 'lei'ed though
MDarkDreamer: *Sigh* good
MDarkDreamer: Ooooo! I get Layed??????
Zhie: Something like that
MDarkDreamer: Niiiiiiice
MDarkDreamer: I hope they call me in teh morning
Zhie: lol
MDarkDreamer: Ooo...I really need to get to bed...
Zhie: s'ok, i'm starting to get tired
Zhie: And I want to try to get back to Gondolin
Zhie: *huggles* g'night!
MDarkDreamer: Night!
MDarkDreamer: Hugs you tight


What have we learned from this?

1. I am also a dork.
2. I did find a bunny. Took almost seven years, but I found it. A big green bunny living in a swamp with more than two arms and also isn't a bunny.
3. I need more discourse with Dark of this nature...

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