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Tried to sleep, and it is being elusive tonight. Wandered the internet, through places both foreign and familiar until I stumbled into something delightful, by happy accident.

A bedtime story, if you will, something read long years ago, and it produced a flit of a thought as I closed the window, and one which buzzed about until I got back on and came here just to put it somewhere safe, lest I forget by morning's light.

There was something special about the niche of the fandom where Glorfindel and Erestor played... something always felt different there for me, like the 'usual' authors of that pairing had a perpetual snugglepile going on where ideas were batted around like well-loved kitty jingleballs and cats and kittens were altogether not uncommon companions to either or both. There was that magical time where stories about them were woven together with such creativity, that on more than one occasion the same plot was tackled by multiple authors in ways different enough so that it all had to be explained, that those were branches of the same tree.

I miss that. Clearly, I am one of those at fault for wandering myself. And while, I suspect, Thranduil/Moose is sure to be the next big thing in Elvendom (Thranduil/Elk? Thranduil/Reindeer? I know, I know, I'm ruining the moment...), that was not what I typed into google an hour ago. It was 'Glorfindel and Erestor and cute'. I know, I'm a sucker for the sappy fluff. Regret nothing, except that there isn't more of it. We need, like, a challengey thing to make more of it. Possibly with ponies. Or cookies. Or both. Or cookies decorated to look like ponies. But not ponies decorated to look like cookies.

I'm like a Noldo though. I start something, there's only a 12% chance it gets done without a fail whale named Annatar dropping onto someone's head, and sometimes that results in the loss of a hand. Or some ships. Or fighting in the War of Telerin Aggression (that one's for you, Lalaith). I need to sell this idea (not literally, it's free, just take it) to someone... so that more cute Glorfindel and Erestor things populate the internets.

That's all, because I think I sort of got the basic idea out there, and I need to be awake in four hours.


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