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I wouldn't necessarily say they're *only* good for the plane or the beach. I'd equate it more to a McDonald's BigMac. A tasty treat, not good for everyday consumption, not going to enlighten your palate, but DAMN good.

And for me, it's Fred Mustard Stewart, or Peter David's 'Imzadi'. Odd that my favorite 'smut' writers are men, but, that's how I roll, with mentions of fuzzy fruits, tantric sex, and traction. I suppose because it's more interesting than the cookie-cutter books that seem to come from most female authors.

Hmm... gender of the smut writer. This could be a whole other discussion...

((Of course, I'm more likely to a) read some juicy fanfiction or b) write some if I wanted any these days.)
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500+ fics into the Tolkien fandom, I better love it...

I think it's great for people who want to write, and want to share, but don't want to worry about people stealing their original characters or worlds. (I had a play stolen from me once, it's not a happy thing to deal with.) So I like the 'safety' of fanfiction, and, since I have no plans to be a professional writer, it's all good.

Besides, some people do end up professionally writing about characters other people created (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; Fables).
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The 1988 Chevy Wagon (first car, and I still own it) I have was christened 'The War Wagon' by one of my brothers when I got it in 2000. It had been hit seven or eight times previously, but because of the steel body, it had some minor dings but had taken out most of the cars that had hit it (all but one times when it was parked). About two years ago, it needed new plates. I write some a lot of Tolkien fanfiction, so I got vanity plates for it: ERESTOR.

Our other vehicle at the time was a '94 Toyota Corolla, which we called 'Baby Car', because it looked tiny next to the wagon beast. A year after the vanity plates were on the other car, my husband, as part of an anniversary present, bought vanity plates for the Corolla to go with the other one, so then I had GLRFNDL on the Corolla.

Sadly, the Corolla only lasted six months after that. It was utterly totaled in September, and quite mangled at that. Word of advice: Don't name a vehicle after an elf who has a horrible death, but if you have to, name it after one whose death allows for the rest of the people to survive and escape.

Despite the wreck, the plates still looked like new. Two days later they were on a shiny black Hyundai Tucson, which, besides being called Glorfindel, gets called 'Deer Slayer' due to a suicidal deer incident that happened only a month after we bought it.

Those are the only three cars I've owned, but I have a 100% track record of naming them, and actually come to think of it, naming them twice each...
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