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Elf Chat is hosted by Zhie & Vi on the Yahoo Instant Messenger system.
Only the regular downloaded version of Yahoo IM, not the
Web version or the Vista version, will currently allow for the chat function.

In order to join the chat, all you need to do is send a message
to jubatus_rex before or during the chat time and you will get an
invite to the chat once it's opened (or within a few minutes if it is
already in progress)

Chat will be held this evening (December 11) at CST 9pm to Midnight.

Tonight's Chat: Who's Your Ada? We all have our favorites, given the chance to run off with one of these pointy-eyed fellows. The question is, if you could choose any elf to be your papa, who would it be? And what would you think of your potential siblings?

Hope to see you there; any questions, contact zhiester @ gmail.com

Elf Chat is *not* affiliated with any particular group or site, so all
elf fans (genners, hetters, slashers, and hashers) are welcome.

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Tonight's Elf Chat on Yahoo! IM will begin at 9PM Central Time. This chat is open to anyone who loves Elves; send a message to jubatus_rex for the chat room invite. Tonight's topic is "ELVES OF THE SECOND AGE". Hope to see lots of people there! Please feel free to pass this message along to anyone you think might be interested ^_^


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