Jun. 3rd, 2016 05:29 am
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Early this morning, Mr. Harley Tuttle, our rescue kitty of twelve years, passed away from kidney failure. Harley was best known for sneaking into other people's chairs when they got up to do anything, licking the hair of people he slept on top of, and purring really, really loud. He is survived by his wife of thirteen years, Mrs. Oreo Tuttle, and his daughter, Artanis.


As is often the case, my pets make their way into fanfiction somehow.  Charisma, Erestor's cat in the story 'Blind', was based on Harley, as was Fingon's orange tabby in the Pink Bunnies series in the Bunniverse.
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Consider this a "Zhie talks to herself" post...

Base Number = 15

General Icons & Banners = (17 x 2) = 34

Specialty Banners = (4 x 2) = 8

Promotional Activities = (9 x 2) = 18

Daily Updates = 2

Total as of 3/1 = 77


Review left on:

From the Shores of Cuiviénen by Oshun

A Proper Tale for a Baggins, by Kaylee Arafinwiel

Total: 2

Purchased prompts:

RivendellElves of Rivendell, singing, drinking

RivendellErestor & Glorfindel: each other's nemesis
Rumor Has It

BeleryNGondolin (Erestor and Glorfindel in Gondolin)
Broken Promises

GeneralSo the Story Goes - Inspiration from Erasure

othersilmI want an Origins story -- characters optional--but I like to think of Beleg for one

BelerySBeleg Cúthalion/Túrin Turambar, slash, sexual content

Offered prompts:

crossoverSilmarillion (or other Tolkien work)/Hunger Games
GeneralSo the Story Goes - Inspiration from Erasure
OtherLotrBombastic Inspiration: Tale of a Rune-keeper

Deficit as of 3/1 = -9
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I have earned chocolate.

Now, I have at least 77 farthings, if I mathed right.  I might want to start thinking of some prompts to post.
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Alphabetical Listing of the Marketplace Stalls Under the Cut for Easy Access

Explore Arda )
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Reading rules while half awake, fifteen basically just equaled fifteen.

Going through them again... one could use a prompt multiple times, since the cost is in buying the prompt. One can also combine prompts. That said fifteen individual prompts can theoretically become 105 doubled prompts and lots more if tripled. More math to follow in update, but, going the variations on a theme route, it could be a massive amount created from just a few things. Kind of like those mystery box challenges on master chef.


Fun with Math - so here's all the permutationy goodness from that up there ^^

Take 15 different whatevers - in this case, prompts. Considering that they can be combined in a variety of different ways (singularly, two at a time, pick six, etc.), we need to discover how many unique combinations there would be.

1 prompt = 15 combinations
2 prompts = 105 combinations
3 prompts = 455 combinations
4 prompts = 1365 combinations

I could probably stop there, but, math is cool and does something cool. So we'll continue on this.

5 prompts = 3003 combinations
6 prompts = 5005 combinations
7 prompts = 6435 combinations
8 prompts = 6435 combinations
9 prompts = 5005 combinations
10 prompts = 3003 combinations
11 prompts = 1365 combinations
12 prompts = 455 combinations
13 prompts = 105 combinations
14 prompts = 15 combinations
15 prompts = 1 combination

So, add those all together, and fifteen ends up becoming 32,767.

Insert lil Britt tossing an "Auntie Zhie, No." in my general direction right here.

Suffice to say, it's not going to be about picking the most prompts, it's going to be about picking the right ones, and then getting really creative with them.

And not actually writing 32,767 drabbles. That would just be silly.

But I think I'm going with a goal of 32,767 words.

B2MEM 2015

Feb. 23rd, 2015 01:09 am
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I was excited until about three minutes ago. Then I read this part:

~ Offering a prompt at one of the market stalls costs 1 farthing.

Yeah, so... in a world where it's hard enough to get people to offer prompts just in general, and the offering of said prompts usually constitutes as work of some sort... I'm just seeing this having to pay for prompts thing as something that is going to lead to a really limited number of prompts for people to work with. I could be wrong - but at first glance through things, I don't see this as being a good trade off.

I had every intention of participating and jumping into this for this year, but I'm going to ignore all of it until it starts now, because I'm sure not going to spend off the ability to participate by writing and creating things by offering prompts. So this is more of just a caution to those who were going to jump on and offer prompts right away - you risk spending off the chance to actually participate on the creation end of it (sure, people earn back the ability through leaving comments - but if everyone spends off everything leaving prompts, no one's going to be able to create anything. If that explanation makes sense.)

Of course, I still have all these bingo cards... so I could just stick with those through the month, too.
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It's not a unicorn. It does exist.

It only took three years to finish this chapter.

Here's hoping it won't take the full ten years to finish the story.

This has not been edited, but I figured, everyone has waited long enough for this. The edited version will be posted on the archives.

Read more... )
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Years after his captivity in Angband, Erestor begins the healing process.


Randomness, and self indulgence.

These are random pieces from my 'private reserves': fics written for me by me. Sure, the majority of what I write is very much for my own amusement, but stories marked Bunniverse: Private Reserves go past a point chronologically in the Bunniverse where it just becomes complete self-indulgence and little regard for canon.

And by self-indulgent, I mean, Faelion is back, and also, living with Glorfindel and Erestor. And there's only one bed. You do the math.

This is all because I've found disks with fics that were abandoned/forgotten, and well, sort of makes sense I should really, really just archive all the things. And, what the hell, I suppose since it's been my head canon now for almost a decade I might as well share it. Eru knows I've shared everything else...

Also, wtf LJ. New LJ sucks. This is why I stopped paying to be here.
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Read it on Phoenix or AO3

Summary: Coming of age story in Valinor. Features Fëanáro, at age forty-five, and his companions, Eresse, Amarie, Mahtan, and Enedrion.
Rated: General Fiction

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1539857

Phoenix: http://www.littlebalrog.com/zhie/phoenix/viewstory.php?sid=423

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I was looking for something completely different tonight. I found this instead (from DarkDreamer's LJ):

Yeah so last night I was chatting with Zhie on Yahoo Messanger and....well...I copy pasted our after 2am maddness becouse....

1) Im a dork
2) Who knows who may read it and find a evil bunny there somewhere
3) I will NOT ware bright colors, nope, aint gonna happen

I removed the usual "Hello", "Hi", "How ya doin", "Fine how are you", stuff and grabed the parts after that...and of course...my spelling is...yeah...oy!


(The maddness of 2 slash writers while slap-happy and randomly chatting)

Zhie: I posted the next chapter of unforgettable yesterday
Zhie: There's... dun dun dun... a bit of light femslash in it
MDarkDreamer: I saw that you posted it!
MDarkDreamer: Oooo...naughty Zhie
Zhie: So I think I can check everything off the list now except tentacle porn
MDarkDreamer: HA!
MDarkDreamer: Erestor is truly a squid and falls in love with Glorfindel and.....
MDarkDreamer: *Slaps self*
Zhie: ...no
Zhie: no.
Zhie: and...no.
MDarkDreamer: What
Zhie: Tentacle porn. no.
MDarkDreamer: Erestor is a Squid, who, pissed off Ulmo and he said "Get then fuck out of my water for teh next 100 years!" So Erestor, with his Inky hair....falls in love with Glorfindel and....*SquishySmex*
MDarkDreamer: *Looks around inocently*
Zhie: ...
Zhie: no tentacle porn
Zhie: I always think of the video game Maniac Mansion, where the tentacles were evil
Zhie: I'd have nightmares of tentacles and elves
MDarkDreamer: *Snort*
MDarkDreamer: Well alright...I guess a "elfhood" in Glorfindels arse while a tentical jerks him and anotehr messes with his balls and 2 other tenticals fiddle with his nipples is asking to much....
MDarkDreamer: *Sigh*
Zhie: ...
Zhie: I didn't need that image, Dark
MDarkDreamer: Oh shit...thats right your visual
MDarkDreamer: Fuck...sorry
Zhie: *whimpers, sucks on thumb*
MDarkDreamer: *Inserts thumb into my....mouth and joins you*
MDarkDreamer: My Bad
MDarkDreamer: My fwend Zhieeeeeeeeeeee
Zhie: heh
MDarkDreamer: With friedns like me...who needs enimas
Zhie: ....
Zhie: >-<
Zhie: you had to go there
MDarkDreamer: What...youve never hear that saying?
Zhie: tentacles and enemas
MDarkDreamer: Oh shit
Zhie: *shudders*
MDarkDreamer: Sorry
MDarkDreamer: its 2:43am....Im sorry
MDarkDreamer: Slolwy cripples up to Zhie and hugs her, petting her hair
MDarkDreamer: Forgive my dorky arse please
Zhie: *snuggles*
Zhie: s'ok
MDarkDreamer: *Smiles*
Zhie: brb, i'm switching to the laptop
MDarkDreamer: ok
MDarkDreamer: *Smiles*
Zhie: *pokes*
MDarkDreamer: Pokes you back
Zhie: *pokes again*
MDarkDreamer: Oh I see how it is
MDarkDreamer: Tosses a naked Glorfindel at you to distract you from pokeing me
Zhie: *watches Erestor poke Glorfindel with a tentacle*
Zhie: See, look what you made me do
MDarkDreamer: Ahhh!!!!!
MDarkDreamer: heheheehh
Zhie: All your fault
Zhie: Bad Dark
MDarkDreamer: Lalala
MDarkDreamer: I personaly think Glorfindel would like Tentacle porn...or would at least be up for it once....likes to try new things he does...myeeees...use the force Erestor...use the...*Blinks*...Oh I have soooo lost it now....sigh
MDarkDreamer: Ahhh...the 3am "SlapHappys"
Zhie: *snickers*
MDarkDreamer: And I have to get up at 6am...Hahahahahohohohehehe...Oy!
Zhie: Me too
MDarkDreamer: Ouch...so were Both going to be zombies then
Zhie: We should be encouraging each other to be responsible adults and go to sleep
Zhie: hahahahhahahaha...
Zhie: lol
MDarkDreamer: *Gaaaaaaaasp*
Zhie: heh heh heh
Zhie: We're so bad
MDarkDreamer: That we are...naughty...naughty little slash writers
MDarkDreamer: *SpankSpank*
Zhie: Dammit, if i dream of tentacle porn...
MDarkDreamer: *Hides*
Zhie: I had such a good time in gondolin, too
MDarkDreamer: Awwww....
MDarkDreamer: So when you drempt of Gondolin, what did ya see...naked Ecthelion playing with his mighty sword?
Zhie: btw, we're turning the fanfiction panel into a luau party
Zhie: no, I did see his fountain though
MDarkDreamer: Oooooo
MDarkDreamer: So now what? Luau? Why
Zhie: Because Mir found some Luau stuff
MDarkDreamer: Dont expect me to ware pastel colors Zhie...Ill go Exorsit on your arse
Zhie: Pastels aren't luau
Zhie: Bright colors are
MDarkDreamer: jfodijf'afj'oejgg
Zhie: And i don't think that's required
Zhie: You will be 'lei'ed though
MDarkDreamer: *Sigh* good
MDarkDreamer: Ooooo! I get Layed??????
Zhie: Something like that
MDarkDreamer: Niiiiiiice
MDarkDreamer: I hope they call me in teh morning
Zhie: lol
MDarkDreamer: Ooo...I really need to get to bed...
Zhie: s'ok, i'm starting to get tired
Zhie: And I want to try to get back to Gondolin
Zhie: *huggles* g'night!
MDarkDreamer: Night!
MDarkDreamer: Hugs you tight


What have we learned from this?

1. I am also a dork.
2. I did find a bunny. Took almost seven years, but I found it. A big green bunny living in a swamp with more than two arms and also isn't a bunny.
3. I need more discourse with Dark of this nature...
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I worked on art for two of the big bang authors this year.

The first one was for Sally Daer's story 'Rumors'

Acrylics on black core presentation board. I was going to use canvas, but I wanted to try to get the smooth look of a book cover. I had wanted to do a back cover with Kirk, but I developed pneumonia in the midst of working on this and still had the other to do.

The second was for Lackam's story 'Breaking Rules to Prove You're Better'

This was a combination of designing the cover on the computer, in terms of the logo, getting in the barcode and such. The image was then originally done in pencil by Smaug (with the pneumonia, I just couldn't manage without help), and then I did the inking and the coloring in marker. We had several cover ideas that we worked on, and there's a mock-up of one with the three mains on it, so think of this as 'cover B'.

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Guilty Pleasures (48059 words) by Zhie
Chapters: 19/?
Fandom: The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings Online
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Celebrían/Elrond, Erestor/Glorfindel
Characters: Erestor, Glorfindel, Elrond, Celebrían, Mirwen, Atharovor, Arwen, Lindir (Tolkien), Elladan, Elrohir

There are five laws of library science.

Books are for use.
Every reader his [or her] book.
Every book its reader.
Save the time of the reader.
The library is a growing organism.

When Lord Elrond fails to understand these simple principles, his librarian must use an unconventional method to protect the collection.

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For the Random Challenge


Erestor & Glorfindel


it will be as naughty as it sounds - eventually
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It's done. It's everything you didn't know about Bunniverse Erestor. And everything he didn't know about himself.

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Let's see... The Risk of Being Free, through chapter 11 has been posted

I'm expecting I'll get the next chapter or two up today. I'd like to finish it tonight. We'll see.

That would let me jump into 'When Stars Align' and 'The Cottage of Lost Play' simultaneously.


And I dabbled in the HP fandom yesterday.
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Now that Tusk is finished, I figured, I should keep on this whole 'finish stuff' kick.

The Risk of Being Free: (chapters 1 & 2; chapter 3 is a big blank, but I've started in on it, and then there's several chapters written after that so expect them to start following forth after chapter three posts)


also, i tumbled. happens.
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Looks like my last update was for chapter 7. Chapters 8 - 12 are now posted on Phoenix.


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