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My name is Zhie, and I believe in the freedom to read. Words are not evil, but they are powerful and empowering, helpful and therapeutic, informative, dangerous, and absolutely necessary. I believe in acceptance over censorship... sticks and stones can break our bones, but words can never hurt us.

Snarves are delicious with honey mustard sauce. Haldir did not die at Helm's Deep. I know this, for he lives in my oak tree. Tribbles make good floatation devices, but only in chocolate pudding. That is all.

zhie --

Visually addictive
'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

11_reasons Fanfic Challenge

"Eleven Reasons Glorfindel Loves
Erestor" prompts table

In Order
1. arms/ hands/ fingers6. sweets/ candy
2. hair7. pride/ vanity
3. passionate8. faith
4. melancholy/ sadness9. hug/ glomp/ embrace
5. book/ story/ poem10. fall/ fly
11. rain / storm / tempest

To see the Fluffy Fics in Order click here
25 Fluffy Fics

21.Sunset22.Parting23.Reunion24.(WC) Orchard25.(WC) Sneaky

Bonus Fluffies: DammitSighLibrary

ficalbum One CD, Multiple Stories
Author: zhie
CD: I Say, I Say, I Say by Erasure
Character/Pairing: Erestor in the Second Age - Lord of the Rings
1. Take Me Back
2. I Love Saturday
3. Man in the Moon
4. So the Story Goes
5. Run to the Sun
6. Always
7. All Through the Years
8. Blues Away
9. Miracle
10. Because You're So Sweet
Progress: 1/10

Smut 69

6.Restraints7.Feather8.Leather9.Massage10.Candle Wax
41.Sluts42.Relationships43.Talking Dirty44.Sweet Nothings45.Proposition
51.Lips52.Role Play53.Threesome54.Self-Love55.Voyeur
56.Cyber57.Phone Encounter58.Strangers59.Best Friends60.Enemies
66.Wrong67.Writer's Choice68.Writer's Choice69.Writer's Choice

Okay, here's the scoop. 69 chapters, basically. This is for the smut 69 - - community. A big ol' smutty challenge. One must choose a character or a pairing, limit of two whichever way you go. I have chosen:

Celeborn/Galadriel AND Glorfindel/Erestor

These two lovely pairs will be competeing against each other... that's not really in the rules anywhere, but I figure, it makes things more interesting as far as I am concerned. So, each time a post goes up, vote for who won the round, and we'll tally points at the end, it'll be fun, trust me. May the smuttiest couple win!
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