Feb. 23rd, 2015

B2MEM 2015

Feb. 23rd, 2015 01:09 am
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I was excited until about three minutes ago. Then I read this part:

~ Offering a prompt at one of the market stalls costs 1 farthing.

Yeah, so... in a world where it's hard enough to get people to offer prompts just in general, and the offering of said prompts usually constitutes as work of some sort... I'm just seeing this having to pay for prompts thing as something that is going to lead to a really limited number of prompts for people to work with. I could be wrong - but at first glance through things, I don't see this as being a good trade off.

I had every intention of participating and jumping into this for this year, but I'm going to ignore all of it until it starts now, because I'm sure not going to spend off the ability to participate by writing and creating things by offering prompts. So this is more of just a caution to those who were going to jump on and offer prompts right away - you risk spending off the chance to actually participate on the creation end of it (sure, people earn back the ability through leaving comments - but if everyone spends off everything leaving prompts, no one's going to be able to create anything. If that explanation makes sense.)

Of course, I still have all these bingo cards... so I could just stick with those through the month, too.
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Reading rules while half awake, fifteen basically just equaled fifteen.

Going through them again... one could use a prompt multiple times, since the cost is in buying the prompt. One can also combine prompts. That said fifteen individual prompts can theoretically become 105 doubled prompts and lots more if tripled. More math to follow in update, but, going the variations on a theme route, it could be a massive amount created from just a few things. Kind of like those mystery box challenges on master chef.


Fun with Math - so here's all the permutationy goodness from that up there ^^

Take 15 different whatevers - in this case, prompts. Considering that they can be combined in a variety of different ways (singularly, two at a time, pick six, etc.), we need to discover how many unique combinations there would be.

1 prompt = 15 combinations
2 prompts = 105 combinations
3 prompts = 455 combinations
4 prompts = 1365 combinations

I could probably stop there, but, math is cool and does something cool. So we'll continue on this.

5 prompts = 3003 combinations
6 prompts = 5005 combinations
7 prompts = 6435 combinations
8 prompts = 6435 combinations
9 prompts = 5005 combinations
10 prompts = 3003 combinations
11 prompts = 1365 combinations
12 prompts = 455 combinations
13 prompts = 105 combinations
14 prompts = 15 combinations
15 prompts = 1 combination

So, add those all together, and fifteen ends up becoming 32,767.

Insert lil Britt tossing an "Auntie Zhie, No." in my general direction right here.

Suffice to say, it's not going to be about picking the most prompts, it's going to be about picking the right ones, and then getting really creative with them.

And not actually writing 32,767 drabbles. That would just be silly.

But I think I'm going with a goal of 32,767 words.

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